Chennai Girl, Working Mom, 1st Woman CFO at GM: Meet Dhivya Suryadevara

Hailing from Chennai, meet Dhivya Suryadevara – the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of General Motors or GM – the largest automobile maker in USA.


Her incredible career journey, her education in India, the struggles and her success – all tell a wonderful tale of the will to succeed.


Here are 10 things to know about Dhivya Suryadevara, the new CFO at General Motors/GM:
  1. Dhivya lost her father at a very young age. She grew up with her mother and two elder sisters in Chennai. Her mother used to work at the Syndicate Bank’s Mylapore Branch.



  1. Dhivya was born and brought up in Mandaveli in Chennai. She was a bright school student at St John’s. She then went to Ethiraj College for Women to pursue a bachelor’s degree in commerce and later completed her master’s degree in the same field



  1. At a young age of 22, she went to pursue MBA from Harvard Business School. One of her schoolmate said in an interview, Dhivya excelled in all exams in her school days. She was a very competitive and studious person.’’



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  1. Dhivya, will report to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mary Barra, 56, who coincidentally happens to be first CEO at GM herself.



  1. She will take office on September 1, 2018 and will succeed Chuck Stevens, the GM’s present CFO.



  1. This is not the first time Dhivya has seen success. She has been the Vice-President of Corporate finance since July 2017. In this role, she handled corporate financial planning, investor relations and other projects.



  1. Prior to joining GM at a young age of 25, Dhivya’s experience includes working at PricewaterhouseCoopers. For those who don’t know this company handles Oscar Award ceremony.
  1. Dhivya’s accolades aren’t restricted to her education. Her role is crucial in the restructuring of the company’s operations. This includes divestiture of its European arm Opel and the acquisition of self-driving vehicle startup Cruise.


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  1. In June 2018, Dhivya Suryadevara was successful in getting a $2.5 billion investment in GM Cruise by Japanese tech giant SoftBank Group Corp.


  1. She com­mutes between New York City, where her home and family are, and Detroit. Dhivya has a daughter who also shows a lot of interest in what her mommy does. ‘’She Googles me some­times and will say, 
“Mommy, I found these links about you.” When you ask her what she wants to do, she’ll tell you, “Whatever my mom does.”, says Dhivya.

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