Hard to Remember Current Affairs During Mock Paper Test? Try these 8 Methods

Who doesn’t want to be good in knowledge about Current Affairs? Whether it is for communicating in your social circles, or in an entrance exam, to be up to date is everyone’s wish.

However, very often we tend to forget some facts or dates or events that were just so clear yesterday. But, while trying to remember again during mock paper test we struggle.

So, how does one remember current affairs? What techniques can one use to keep a sharp mind and leave a solid impression upon others with knowledge? Here are 8 methods to try:


1. Never miss any latest topics that make news regularly. For instance, political crisis in middle east, women empowerment schemes, animal rights programs, etc. Most current affairs mock papers online comprise questions from trending news topics.


2. Use a chronological order to review past events. Make topic wise notes to remember the differences in a simpler way while practicing e mock online

For instance, chronological listing of all missile testings will help you to understand, which missile belongs to which category or family without any confusion.


3. Join social networking websites like Twitter or Sabakuch. They help you to follow news updates from important ministries and organisations. For example, United Nations, WHO, RBI, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of External Affairs, etc.


4. There is a consensus among students that many questions in current affairs entrance exam and e mock paper are from the Hindu, Indian Express, Economic Times and Business Standard.

Therefore, avoid reading too many newspapers. Stick to one or two newspapers and read them daily.


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5. Always study international affairs section with a world map. Either open the map on internet or use a chart. Even while solving a mock paper, use this strategy. This is not to suggest that you do not know the geographical location of countries.

Studying international affairs with a world map in hand will help you to understand and analyze the related issues with neighboring countries in a proper light. It will also help you to get the complete picture of political, geographical or societal problems faced by the people regionally.


6. Most students find it extremely hard to remember current affairs dates. Use the association technique in your e mock online sessions.

Link the date to some other important issue or event to remember it. Also, remember to relate it to the organization or country in question.


7. Follow a trustworthy mock papers online site, or books/magazines to study left out topics. Do not buy many books for current affairs. Some good ones include, Manorama yearbook and Pratiyogita Darpan


8. Follow a schedule and solve current affairs quiz on e mock paper website for free. Practice current affairs mock paper questions on daily, alternate, or weekly basis.


Source : https://sabakuch.com/blog/2018/06/14/hard-to-remember-current-affairs-during-mock-paper-test-try-these-8-methods/

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