20 No-nonsense websites to improve General Knowledge

Although we live in an age of Google where information is at the tip of our fingers and to improve General Knowledge is easy. We still need to store a few things of GK in our brain memory for day to day life.


Whether it is art, history, science or philosophy, here are 20 no-nonsense websites to help you improve your general knowledge:





Sabakuch E-Learning – From science, to history, to current affairs. Watch latest videos by academic experts on any general knowledge test on this online exam website



WikiWand – New interface for Wikipedia. Saves internet data. Very slick. Works great on mobile phones



TodayILearned – A forum were people share interesting latest gk questions and facts with each other. Quite useful to learn quicly before a gk mock test



Mental Floss – Useful for testing knowledge with unique facts, quizzes, trivia, and brain teaser games to improve general knowledge



Brain Pickings – If you have sufficient time before entrance exams or you need gk mock test daily for entrance exams, then Brain Pickings might work for you. It has long form posts on art, science, philosophy, design, and more



Socratic – Q&A site on which students can ask questions and the educational community teaches the answer



SBK E-Mock – eLearning and mobile app that covers all gk mock test with latest gk questions and current affairs e-mock papers without any cost. On each attempt, the students get unique set of questions






Art History Resources – Astounding collection of resources on art history on this online exam website



WikiArt – You can not only use it to read info on general knowledge test, but edit it yourself on this visual art encyclopaedia



Visual Arts Cork – Another fantastic visual art encyclopedia online





Science Daily – Latest science news and discoveries



How Stuff Works – For colorful illustrations and explanations about earth science, life science, and other attractions of our world



Scitable – Great example of online exam website and eLearning tool and a class room full of science library to boost your gk



Space.com – Huge online library of information on space flight missions, space technologies and heavenly bodies



Scientific American – Do not just learn science gk but teach science too. This site has the most thorough resources for that






Stuff You Missed in History Class – Podcast that discusses various aspects of important historical events



Biography.com – Covers true stories about famous personalities that are often asked in gk mock test



History.com – Want to know what happened on this day in history? Great speeches to great facts, this non-nonsense websites has it all






Philosophy Pages – Historical development of western philosophy – a narrative survey



Philosimply – Learn more about philosophy, history and religions of the world


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2018/06/08/20-no-nonsense-websites-to-improve-general-knowledge/

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