Facebook Puts Back MP3 Songs into Social Networking

Good news for the lovers of mp3 songs and online music. Social networking website Facebook has opened up 2 billion new revenue streams for music industry.

That’s right. The social media giant on Tuesday announced the rollout of several official online music features on its platform.


Presenting – Lip Sync Live – What it Means for your MP3 Songs?


Users of social networking website FB, can add their music albums to videos they share and post. Apart from this a new addition known as ‘’Lip Sync Live’’ will enable users to lip sync their favorite mp3 songs live. This feature will however, be available in select countries. The popular social networking sites in India plans to bring the new features to more markets soon.


Image result for facebook lip sync live


‘’Together with music industry, we want to bring people around the world to include their mp3 songs in their videos on FB. (We are) opening up more options for creativity and sharing memories’’, said company’s executives in a blog post.


What Else? 


Earlier this year Facebook struck licensing deals with some major online music publishers and record labels. In fact, in arch, there was partnership of this popular social networking websites in India with Sony/ATV, Universal and Warner Bros. This gives FB the rights to use every mainstream song in existence.


Apart from this, the social media company is planning to test the Facebook Stories by allowing users to add their favorite tunes to it. It is really testing the limits of music online and the ways it can be mixed with its platform.


Since another best social networking sites, MySpace sputtered out in the late 2000s, online music and mp3 sharing had been neglected in social media arena.


The new deals regarding online music mean that people who play music in Facebook videos will not have to tackle copyright issues. On other social networking website such as YouTube, copyright infringement remains a thorny issue with user-generated videos.


Till Then…


If you are looking for innovative ways to enjoy your songs, then do check out this popular social networking sites in India with music library. You can upload your own tunes, and even get a chance to make money. The more the people hear your latest music songs, the more your earn!!


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2018/06/06/facebook-mp3-songs-in-social-networking/

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