Is Traffic Down on Your Social Networking Websites? Here’s What You Can Do? (Part 1)

If you are setting up a new e-commerce website or already running or you are a part of social networking websites, the primary concern is to get more and more traffic.


But what if you your website traffic is on a steady decline. Or worse yet, what if web traffic suddenly drops altogether?


Well, there are a number of reasons behind it. And, that’s why this two-part blog series is going to point you out the reasons why traffic on social networking websites goes down. down. And here’s what you can do to fix it. So, let’s begin our Part 1.



  1. Launching a New Website


The first reason mostly pertains to those of you who have recently re-launched a beautiful new website. You wish to put it among the best social networking sites.  In case you have changed the following, you may have accidently removed all your old pages from Google’s search index. These include:


Code | Layout | Pages | Content | URLs | Metadata


Fixing the Problem – Since SEO forms up the maximum part of a site’s traffic, an SEO Migration Audit & Strategywould help. It can help you reverse the content, code and links.


The trick here is to act quickly. Do not waste time as that will reduce your chances of redirecting your old high value links.



  1. No Transfer of Metadata



The second reason can be worse than first for some people. Now, you may not have been revamping your social media site. But while moving to a better content management system, your meta descriptions and page title tags could get lost.


Solution: If you are observing a sudden decline in traffic, try using The Wayback Machine Tool. It will match your current title tag with the one before traffic slow down




  1. Transferring from HTTP to HTTPS




With the latest data scandal over privacy involving social site Facebook, it is no wonder that many social networking sites India are moving to a more secure structure. They are moving to HTTPS domain.


While changing domain or moving from HTTP to HTTPS most people mistakenly use 302 redirects, instead of permanent 301 redirects.


Fixing the Problem: To check whether your redirects are permanent 301 redirects (remember these are good and protect your traffic), use free Redirect Checker Tool. It will give you a 200 status code which means you are good to go.




  1. Review your Marketing Changes on Social Networking Websites


This one is an often-overlooked reason. Changes to non-digital marketing activities can be a cause for traffic decline. If the budget, activity or results of any of the following marketing channels is different to the time before the traffic dip, then that’s the likely cause:


TV | advertising |  Outdoor advertising | Press advertising | PR | Catalogues | Leaflets | Sales Team | Exhibitions

Recommendation: Review the changes you’ve made to marketing mix on other channels including the budget allocation. This fixes many of the best social networking sites


5.  Not Tracking your Paid Campaigns

If your social networking sites India traffic has been going down mysteriously, then your paid advertising campaigns have been running without AdWords being linked to Google Analytics.


The Fix: Do an inspection of your Google Analytics. Check traffic reports over long term to see if there was a sudden spike before going down

Also, check for any ‘’(Not Set)’’ traffic sources in your SEO traffic. This is where any non-linked Paid Search traffic is hidden. Find it like this Google Analytics > Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Organic Search Report.



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