These Tips & Tricks Can Help You Achieve 550+ in NEET Exam

Ask any student busy preparing for the upcoming NEET exam, and almost all of them want to get 550+ in NEET exam. This year the date is set for May 6, 2018. Almost 2 million candidates who are now busy solving mock papers will appear for this medical entrance test. This post will contain some tips and tricks to help you achieve that target.


The first thing that often confuses many aspirants of NEET exam, is the massive syllabus. Let’s break it down to the most crucial parts of the NEET UG syllabus that the students must focus on for this year –



The NEET exam pattern has a 3 hour exam with 180 questions to answer. The NEET question paper contains questions in following manner:


Physics: 45 questions | Chemistry: 45 questions | Biology: 90 questions



NEET Percentile


Before the NEET exam is held, the NEET 2018 cut-off is announced in terms of Percentile. Once the test is held, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will publish the NEET 2018 Cut-off score.


Here’s a look at 2017 cut-off. This will help you set your goal at 550+





Most Important Topics from which questions come in NEET Exam –




There are some high-weightage topics here that consist of 39-44 questions or atleast 50% of the NEET question paper
Ecology – 11-13 Qs | Human Physiology – 14-15 Qs | Plant Physiology – 9-10 Qs





Organic chemistry contains most of the Application-based topics.


General Organic Chemistry – 3-4 Qs| Aldehydes & Ketones – 2-3 Qs


Inorganic Chemistry: 13, 15, 16 group of p block elements – 4-5 Qs


Chemical Bonding – 3-4 Qs | Co-ordination Compounds – 3-4 Qs


  • Physical Chemistry


Atomic Structure + Solution & Colligative Properties – 2 Qs


Electrochemistry + Thermochemistry + Chemical Kinetics – 1 to 2 Qs





Oscillation & Waves – 3 Qs | Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism – 2-3 Qs


Electronic Devices + Kinematics + Electrostatistics + Current Electricity – 2-3 Qs


Once you are well aware of what to study and pay attention on more, you can look at some tricks to save time and focus well on scoring good marks –


  1. Speed is extremely crucial here. You will be attempting 180 questions in 180 minutes, that’s 1 question per mintute. Even mock papers follow this system


  1. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on a question, however tempting it might look like to answer it. Remember, physics takes up maximum time even in mock exam online


  1. Another important thing to remember is that your NCERT textbooks are very crucial. Although previous years’ papers and mock papers do help, but they need to go hand in hand with NCERT books. All questions in national level exams are from it.


  1. The format of questions remains the same each consecutive year. Combine previous year papers with online mock test for a smarter preparation


  1. Before NEET was AIPMT exam. Use the previous papers from that online mock test as they are not useless


  1. Take online mock test between 10 am to 1 pm. This will help you get used to the atmosphere of the actual NEET exam



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