Protect Yourself on Social Networking Websites with these 7 Tips

Today, we all live two different lives. One is real and other is digital. The digital life breathes on social networking websites and we can stay in touch with friends, family or business networks. But what about the negative side of this digital world?


And, can you communicate without putting yourself in danger? With just a few clicks you could allow cyber stalkers and scammers to compromise your privacy.


This is why it’s important to protect yourself on social networking websites with these 7 tips:



  • Internet Never Forgets – Once you put information on best social networking sites it remains there permanently. Even if you remove your account, you do not know if other users have already made copies of your posts.



  • Choose Your Friends Wisely – Only add those people as ‘’friends’’ who you know in the real world. It’s easy for professional scammers to use your personal information or related contacts and make it to your friends list.


  • Be Careful at what you Click – A good rule of thumb on social networking websites, is to be cautious of the word ‘’free’’. Anything that looks too good to be true is suspicious. Don’t click on links without some thinking. Hackers hunt those who have a habit of clicking anything online.


  • Check your Privacy settings – All new social networking sites in India has its own privacy settings. Take a few minutes out of your schedule and check those settings. You can check who sees what about you online.




  • Safeguard your Personal Information – Be cautious of people asking your personal information on best social networking sites. Do not share your cell number, home address, ID card number, or other such information.



  • Auto-login is not for Everyone – Most of the social media users have their own personal device that they do not share with anyone. However, if you use a shared computer or phone, then pay attention. Do not allow apps to auto-log in and do not keep make your computer ‘’remember’’ your log-in details.


  • Close Unused Social Networking Websites Accounts – Whether you have moved on to a safer social platform, or are planning to, close down your previous account(s). Whether it is some online dating site, or micro-blogging site you no longer use, delete your personal info from them.




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