Stephen Hawking: Unknown Facts of a Beautiful Mind

Just the other day we spoke about the topic of physics and had fun around it. Well, life it seems has its way of balancing the fun with sadness. Yes, we are talking about the demise of renowned physicist, scientist, Stephen Hawking.


When in 1963, he was diagnosed with ALS disease, he was given only two years to live. He went on to become his generation’s leader in exploring the cosmos. Almost every science student at school or self-learning on online exam website, can’t deny of hearing about Stephen Hawking.


But, Stephen Hawking was more than the sum of his parts. Here are some unknown facts about him that you may have not know all this while –


  1. Cosmic Connection?


Image result for stephen hawking galileo galilei

(credit: Quirky)


Well, this one’s very interesting. Did you know Stephen Hawking’s birthday (January 8, 1942) coincides with another famous physicist’s 300th death anniversary. That other person is Galileo Galilei



  1. Playing Einstein


Image result for stephen hawking einstein


Albert Einstein is regarded as the greatest physicist of all time. And, no wonder Hawking was also a fan of him. During his school days, he was nicknamed as ‘Einstein’


  1. Building a Computer


Stephen Hawking School Days

(credit: oh fact)

Long before anyone knew what a computer was or what it would do in the future, a group gathered and built one. This group at St. Albans High School built a computer. Its parts included old telephone switchboard, clock parts, and some recycled components


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  1. Row Row, Row your Boat




Most people only think of him as a scientist, but he was much more than that. In his youth, Stephen was quite adventurous and witty. He was a part of the rowing team at University College, Oxford


  1. On the Romantic Side


Image result for stephen hawking jane wilde


Not just an adventurer, he was a lover too. He fell in love with Jane Wilde, a friend of his sister. This happened when he was doing his Ph.D. at Cambridge


  1. Death on Pie Day


Related image


Our list of facts began with a coincidence. And, with coincidence it shall end. On the 30th anniversary of Pi Day, i.e. March 14, 2018, Stpehen Hawking took his last breath at his home in Cambridge.

A day for celebrating the mathematical constant pi, will now also be remembered as the passing of a ‘beautiful mind’





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