Physics Mock Exam Papers – Practice to Excel

Not just for the ongoing CBSE Board exams, but also for competitive examinations like JEE Main and JEE Advanced, Physics is a very important subject. Continuing in our discussion about Science – today we take a look at some tips and techniques to master mock exam papers and eventually the Board exams


Striking a balance between mathematical problems and definitions in the theory, can sometimes be a challenge. It can derail the preparation for JEE exam and even Physics board exam


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But don’t you worry, the following tips about mock exam papers will guide you to understanding physics better –



  1. Just like in Chemistry, Physics also requires you to revise your basic math skills to solve numerical problems. Most students get afraid of long numerical problems. They are quite simple in-fact, only given in a different way


  1. Prepare short notes. These would include the important derivations. They can also be used for practicing figures (device, circuit, etc.), and for graphs


  1. Most students find it confusing to approach a huge list of topics. This messes up their time management too. A simple method to tackle this is to practice mock papers .Also practice previous years’ sample papers. Secondly, while practicing online mock test, make sure that your derivations include a small intro, all mathematical steps and inference


  1. Beware of mark deduction. Small errors of SI units and other details can lead to deduction of marks. So be careful and attentive during the actual paper and also in practice exam papers


  1. While you practice mock papers, begin them with long and short answers. Give preference to numerical questions over the theoretical ones


  1. Begin the online mock test sample paper with section E and then do Section C. Analysis of theory and practicals are an advantage.


  1. When attempting section E, mark the questions that you will be attempting, in the first 15 minutes. Topics in this section include: Magnetic effect of current, electro statistics, optics, and E.MI. +AC                                                                Time needed for this section is around 40 minutes


  1. Likewise, give one hour 15 minutes to section C. And, for the easiest section (D) you can allocate 5-10 minutes. Also, section A and B together need 50-55 minutes


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