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Left Too Soon! These Hindi Songs Will Keep Sridevi Alive Forever

The ‘Chandni’ light has now faded away. In a big shock to every Bollywood lover, India’s first and woman ‘’superstar’’, legendary actor Sridevi is no more. The Roop ki Rani of Indian cinema, the powerhouse of hindi songs has gone to another world.


Having a record 11 Filmfare Award nominations and 3 wins, Sridevi took women empowerment to a pedestal when ‘empowerment’ was a lesser heard word in the Indian film industry. She is the first actress for whom scripts were specially written.


There’s much to be said about this iconic woman, but today we shall keep it to the enigmatic Sridevi songs.


Here’s looking at Sridevi’s most memorable hindi songs that will keep her alive forever in our hearts –



  1. Hawa Hawai



This mp3 song from Shekhar Kapoor’s blockbuster Mr. India (1987). It can never get old in our playlists music. Sridevi’s frisky antics and dance skills made this song an instant hit. Entire generations have grown up celebrating any fun occasion with this song.



  1. Na Jane Kahan Se



Not only will people remember the double role of Sridevi in ChaalBaaz (1989), but also yet another dance song that showed her range as a performer. She brings her style of physical comedy, she fumbles and stumbles with a range of facial expressions. The silliness of umbrella twirling, dancing in the rain looks more charming than ever.



  1. Mere Haathon Mein 



There is no doubt that director Yash Chopra knew how to portray a woman that is equal to its male counterpart. And, Sridevi took it a notch above in Chandni (1989). She embodies the character so well, that it feels as if she is singing herself through her eyes. No doubt, it became one of the most loved wedding Bollywood songs till this date.



  1. Har Kisiko Nahi Milta



Till now this list carries Sridevi songs that are full of her frivolous antics. Har Kisiko Nahi Milta shows what she can do in a seductive avatar. In Jaanbaaz (1986) she only appears in a guest role. However, it is her breath-taking song on a beach that steals the show. With nothing more than a mic in hand, she seductively sways in a red chiffon sari. A lesson for many new actresses on ‘how not to go over the top’ and yet steal the limelight.



  1. Aye Zindagi Gale Lagale



This is probably the only hindi songs that sums it all. From the film Sadma (1983), in which Sridevi gave her finest performance along with Kamal Haasan. With lyrics by Gulzar, Aye Zindagi Gale Lagale is a fitting tribute to conclude playlists music



Sridevi made her comeback to the film industry with 2012’s blockbuster English Vinglish. It is still hard to believe that just a few days ago people were swooning over her gorgeous outfits and ever-evolving style at a wedding in Dubai.


And now she’s gone. Left too soon… R.I.P. Sridevi (1963 – 2018)


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2018/02/26/hindi-songs-sridevi-alive-forever/



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