These Songs Are Perfect for Those Who Hate Valentine’s Day

To say that Valentine’s Day is a big event in India would be an understatement. Every year, February 14 is known less for the message of love, but more for the controversies surrounding it.


Most of you might be aware of the colorful senas and their farmans to not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Well, they are entitled to their opinion to hate valentine’s day.



Today’s blog is therefore a tribute to all these special people who have turned the V-Day into a form of mela where everyone likes to swing in their lathis, gaalis and sometimes, golis.


These songs are perfect for those who hate valentine’s day –



  1. Tayyab Ali Pyaar Ka Dushman



From the era of old Bollywood songs, this mp3 has probably the highest recall value. That is when it comes to unadulterated hate for love. No tune is more fun to hate seeing people love each other than this one.



  1. Gunning Down Romance – Savage Garden



Not just hindi songs, but some English songs too understand the pain and anguish that love can cause. Anti-love taskforces can use some English-Vinglish to charge onto couples who tend to look happy on Feb 14th, right?



  1. I Hate Luv Storys



This is one of the more popular hindi songs online music. Known for its foot-tapping beats, great dance performances and catchy lyrics. Sample this; ‘’Mil gaye jo chhora chhori, huyi masti thodi thodi. Bas pyaar ka naam na lena, i hate luv storys…’’


No song can probably spread the message of anti-love units on valentine’s day more clearly than these words.



  1. Love Hurts – Nazareth



Love hurts,  scars, Love wounds and marks…

Never has the warning against intimate relationships been more clear than this online music



  1. Girlfriends – Single File



This English mp3 song by Single File is probably the best way to round off this list. Its lyrics and mood matches to those lonely anti-love people who are romantically unemployed and do not wish to see others get busy loving as well.




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