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Quick Guide: Writing Legal Articles (Part 2)

In this part of the legal article writing series we will be looking at the ways you can handle the technical aspects. Your legal writing style needs to follow some basic principles to have a better impact on the readers


  1. Length of Legal Articles:
  • The length of these articles should be at least 1500 words (excluding footnotes and citations).
  • There is a reason behind this. Actually, Google gives importance to long form articles in search result as compared to shorter ones.


  1. Language:
  • Use very simple language. Break long sentences into short. Your content value is from the quality of information you provide. The useful of information or insights about legal career or a product like SBK law diary you provide. And, how nicely your content flows from one issue to another.


  • Use bullet points and tables everywhere possible. That will make your article stand out and valuable. Do not just write about sections and case laws. Provide formats, samples, examples and practical advice wherever possible.


  1. Structure and Skeleton:

    Create a structure and give your legal articles a skeleton. Legal writing also involves writing down all the headings and Subheadings as a skeleton structure. It should be like this:  

A. How to file a complaint?

a.1) What kind of matters can a consumer file complaint?

                a.2) Can I file a complaint on behalf of a business?


B. Which court is right for me to file the complaint?

b.1) Which consumer court will have territorial jurisdiction?

                b.2) Which consumer court has financial jurisdiction?


C. What all do I need to file the consumer complaint?

c.1) What documents do I need to produce?

                c.2) What kind of evidence do I need to produce?



pasted image 0-legal articles


  1. Google Docs –
  • Use Google docs for the writing instead of MS word. It helps to get other people to edit or comment on your article later, and there is no possibility of accidentally deleting the content.
  • Google reads the text written in heading and sub-headings and decides which article should be shown on the top of search results. Keyword rich headings and subheadings are always better for this purpose.


  1. Citation style:
  • References should be cited properly through a hyperlink. For instance, a write-up about digital law diary or SBK Law Diary, or information about legal career needs to have a hyperlink to the app store where it is available. Wherever possible, use hyperlink instead of footnotes.




One comment

  1. I am doing a little nitpicking (possibly this may be the reason why the comment will never show up but OK), you say the length of the article must be 1500 words. That is fine, but I have heard of the existence of papers as important as mathematics thesis being short in length (in fact a mathematician as genius as Edmund Landau has a thesis of total length 13 pages). Definitely these thesis has more than 1500 words but the point I am trying to make is that : there will exist short and important papers with less than 1500 words. Does that not qualify ?
    (As Stanislaw Ulam says : whatever is worth saying can be said in less than 50 words)
    PS : oops my comment has more than 50 words.


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