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4 Crazy Social Networking Websites to Look Out For

The world wide web is made up of many unique social networking websites. Apart from the top 10 social networking sites in India such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, there are many other portals with a unique niche.


Here is a compilation of 4 of the most bizarre and crazy social networking websites. These are either niche-oriented or plain weird or just for fun. Check these out



  1. Date My Pet



Stranger things become a bit stranger when you visit this best social networking website in India. This site is for pet lovers who wish to date online.


It allows you to scan your date’s pet information, chat with them online and get to know all about their likes and dislikes.



  1. Line for Heaven



All Indian social networking sites are full of people who seek a line with God. There are all sorts of religious groups active across the world. People who ask themselves the question, ‘’Am I going to Heaven’’, must check out Line for Heaven.


With features like Karma points, you can bless one another digitally. Also participate in a weekly competition with winners are admitted to ‘’heaven’’ on each Sunday. This sites’s photo is “Religion can be fun!”



  1. Stache Passions



Indian men love their moustache. And what better way to showcase their well-groomed staches than on Indian social networking sites. Stache Passions is 100% free moustache dating and niche social networking websites for singles with a passion for moustache.


Style can be hard to describe. But, there is no doubt among this site’s members that there is nothing better than a good stache.



  1. Awkward Family Photos



All of us have some old photo which is too embarrassing to look at or share on social media. Awkward Family Photos is a site where families from all over the world upload their funny and retro stock images.


This site is a huge hit for the terrible hairdos and crazy outfits to costume-theme family portraits. It is just short of becoming the best social networking website in India. Try submitting your awkward family photo and see how many people view it.




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