google photos-images-for-wallpaper

Tricks in Google Photos for your Images for Wallpaper

google photos-images-for-wallpaper

Ever since Google has updated its Google Photos a few months back, it has been posing serious challenge to the best stock photo sites. With the option of free cloud storage to your images for wallpaper, and integration with other social media apps, Google Photos is now packing some serious stuff.


But there are some tricks which most users do not always explore. So if you want to get the most out of your photography, then follow on.


Here are some hidden features in Google Photos that you should check out.



  1. Quick Select Photos


google photos-images for wallpaper-quick-select


  • Imagine you want to delete 300 images for wallpaper from your phone. Deleting each photo, one by one, could take eternity.


  • Even most photo editing apps and best stock photo sites, only offer long-press delete option for batch deletion, which means you keep tapping for all additional pictures.


  • Thanks to Google Photos, now all you need to do is select multiple photos, then long-press and then simply drag up or down. The more you drag – the more the photos will be selected. (So, no more thumb pain or tedious tapping.)


  • Once you are done selecting, then you can do actions like delete, share or create a new album or hd desktop backgrounds



  1. Scan your Physical Photos



  • Combine the Google Photos app with Google’s PhotoScan app to turn your phone into a handheld scanner.


  • This scanner can be used for digitizing printed photographs and old royalty free stock photos.


  • It can even remove glare and add the scanned images for wallpaper to the Google Photos library. This is a simple way to digitize your old images piling up in shoeboxes.



  1. Find your Pets


  • We all love to click pictures and use hd desktop backgrounds of our pets, or share them on best Indian social networking sites. Well, Google knows this. And, with its machine learning skills it can tell your pets apart.


  • This is just like the way it sorts out people’s faces. So, if you have 3 different colors and breeds of cats, try it.


  • Go to ’People & Pets’’ section (under ‘’Albums’’). Then assign names to pets and Google will categorize them with the correct label.





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