listen mp3 online-sabakuch-music-genres

These Music Genres Will Change the Way You Listen Mp3 Online

listen mp3 online-sabakuch-music-genres

Music Genres –  or simply genre – refers to different styles of music. When people browse any music store online for popular songs, they usually search for top level genres and sub-genres.


Whether you hear your mp3 songs on iPod, or mobile or listen mp3 online, everyone has their own favorite genres. Be it rock, pop, rap, hip-hop, classical, etc. But, the world of music is full of many genres that you may have never even heard of.


Besides the more popular genres for popular songs, there are other ‘’weird’’ styles. Some of them are now less popular, while others are viral. A few are even hazardous to health.


Presenting ‘’weird’’ music genres that will change the way you listen mp3 online:



  1. Chap Hop



  • Consider it to be a cheeky version of the hip-hop genre. Chap Hop has its origins in England. It mixes hip hop with elements of subcultures and stereotypes about England. For e.g., cricket, weather, and tea.


  • The most famous singer in this category is ‘’Mr. B’’. His English songs are about aristocracy, pipe smoking and sherry, while charmingly strumming a banjolele.


  • Among his best known mp3 songs is “Straight Out Of Surrey”, a chap version of N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton”.



  1. Clownstep



  • These clowns are no laughing matter. Clownstep has been such a phenomenon on online music, that it has its own entry in


  • A sub genre of Drum and Bass, charecterised by big “wobbly” basslines with a simple structure, usually consisting of a 3 note progression. This music online sounds very creepy.



  1. Chiptune



  • Those of you who grew up in the 80s and 90s must be quite familiar with Nintendo games such as Mario. Presenting ‘’Chiptunes’’ – a genre that brings alive the nostalgia.


  • Also known as ‘’8-bit’’ music, the chiptunes derive their name from computer chips. What’s fascinating about this genre is not any specific sound, but rather the technology behind their making.


  • The composer uses many sound textures with vintage video games and computer equipment, e.g., Nintendo Game Boy, old NES console, Commodore 64, etc. This music online is then rendered with sample-based synthesis and low bit sample playback.



  1. CringePop



  • These mp3 songs are so good because they are so bad. You can hardly stop watching their videos or get to listen mp3 online.


  • We are living in an age of online music and YouTube where being a bathroom singer isn’t a thing to be ashamed about. That’s precisely what these singers are doing. Making their videos go viral on the best Indian social networking sites and earning loads of money.


  • From Pakistan’s viral sensation Taher Shah to cringe singer of hindi songs, Dhinchak Pooja, many are reaping the benefits of a trend that began in 2011 by Rebecca Black with Friday



  1. Danger Music



  • Caution! Play this online music at your own risk. The danger music is actually based on the myth or ‘fact’ that some forms of music can cause harm to the listener or the performer.


  • Most of the live shows by these artists are underground. And, the audience is made to sign a waiver to prevent the band being sued. Sued not for music alone, but for driving bulldozers through the stage!!!


  • Apart from the sounds being deafening, the performers sometimes even throw anti-personnel bombs into the crowd.


  • This unadulterated noise is very rarely found on music store online. Their performances are almost always canceled before they can be performed.



There are many other such weird music genres that one can come across on some of the best Indian social networking sites.


So, which ones do you like and which ones you don’t? Share with us in the comments section.




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