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Avoid These Mistakes On Indian Social Networking Sites

Indian social networking sites-sabakuch-blog

There is a saying that goes, ‘’look before you leap’’. Well, social networking websites can be a boon or a bane depending on how you handle it.


In the race to connect with fans/followers and to advertise, many brands make mistakes on Indian Social networking sites. These errors cause a negative impact on the brand and affects their business.


Here are a few mistakes that brands and social media marketers must avoid on Indian social networking sites.



  1. Avoid Being on Auto-Pilot Mode –


Many up and coming startups think of running their company as flying an airplane. It’s not the same!

So, stop posting same content on cross platforms and across social networking websites.

Automation is a good thing if you use it wisely. However, publishing the same content on multiple platforms is no longer cool. Plus, you come off as lazy.



This ad above shows the Indian telecom giant’s goof-up. Instead of asking people to hit ‘’+1” on Google Plus, it asks them to ‘’Like’’. This is what happens when you copy-paste the ad on best Indian social networking sites



  1. Don’t Work Without Measuring Metrics


Use of statistics and analytics instead of emotions and intuitions, is what distinguishes successful businesses from the bad ones.


Indian marketers often tend to making strategies without considering metrics for success.


Metrics can be deployed for various things on your website such as:

  • Key Metrics for Features
  • Product Interaction and Engagement Metrics
  • Product Build Metrics
  • Marketing Metrics

Metrics render information about the product’s health, diagnoses the problems. It also tracks the progress on each best social networking website in India



  1. No Need to Be Desperate


Never try too hard to impress your followers. This makes companies look like a bunch of attention seekers on Indian social networking sites. This really annoys the readers.


PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi once pointed out that some brands take their expectations so high that the end result turns into ‘’engagement ke liye kuch bhi karega’’. (Brands become desperate for people to pay attention to them)


cornetto ad-indian social networking sites


This ad above would have suited well for a picnic basket or travel site. You will be more worried about your travelling stuff than a freakin’ ice-cream cone!!

So make sure to add relevancy to the product you are selling. Don’t simply put your product on a royalty free stock photos.



4. Avoid Mixing Up East with West


Let’s be clear there are some major differences between the East and the West. Be it the food, clothes or kind of online music people listen to.


The Indian buyer is not gullible. He or she is cautious about the quality and credibility of a company. So, do not use tacky videos or set up dubious avatars.


Secondly, people in social media marketing do not research enough about how their audiences communicate. They fail to understand the posting style of the Indian audiences.

The tweet below shows the Godrej group, posting two consecutive links. This leaves the audience confused about which link to click




In the end its best to personalize on any of the best Indian social networking sites. Acting like a robot only draws a negative impact to the brand. Social Media is a two-way street. You have to involve the audience and pay attention to what they have to say.



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