JEE Advanced-2018-e-learning

JEE Advanced 2018 Syllabus Is Out. Kick-start your Prep

JEE Advanced-2018-e-learning

The syllabus for the JEE or Joint Entrance Exam (Advanced) 2018 is finally out. Each year candidates take this eminent test. The syllabus can be found on the official website ( of the exam. And, the date has been set for May 20, 2018.


Courses That Can Be Undertaken


You can pursue a career in the following:


Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s or Bachelor-Master Dual Degree in Engineering, Sciences, Architecture, or Pharmaceutics.


IIT Kanpur has announced that in order to qualify for the paper, candidates are required to secure their position among the top 2,24,000 students in paper 1 of the JEE main exam next year.


(Practice free online test. Solve free e-mock papers for JEE (Advanced), click here)


Syllabus Breakdown


Following are some of the crucial topics according to their subjects. You can also check out some tips and advice which is given at the end of this section.


  1. Physics


This section will include mechanics, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, optics and modern physics.


  1. Inorganic Chemistry


Some of the topics in this section are; isolation/preparation and properties of non metals, preparation and properties of compounds, transition elements (3D series), ores and minerals, extractive metallurgy and principles of quality analysis.


  1. Organic chemistry


  • Concepts, preparation/properties/reactions of alkanes/alkynes, reactions of benzene, phenols, characteristic reactions, carbohydrates.
  • amino acids and peptides, properties.
  • uses of important polymers and practical organic chemistry.


  1. Mathematics:


This section will include questions on algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry, differential calculus, integran calculus and vectors.

JEE Advanced will also be held for aspirants of architecture courses. For students who select this option, the syllabus will include the following topics:

freehand drawing, geometrical drawing, three-dimensional perception, imagination and aesthetic sensitivity and architectural awareness.


Preparation Guide for JEE Advanced 



If you are relying on books instead of mock papers online, then Cengage Series is great for JEE Preparation. Attempt all the sample papers in it. Also, get your hands on previous IIT JEE Question Papers. It will be more than enough.



Again, you can go for mock papers online or get textbook for sample papers. Resnick Halliday Crane is a great book. Besides HC Verma, IE Irodov is vital.



  • Physical Chemistry: Atkins is the textbook you need to go through. For Practice, use P. Bahadur Numerical Chemistry.Inorganic Chemistry: JD Lee is the preferred Textbook. OP Tandon by GRB is also good.
  • Organic Chemistry: Wade is the best Textbook for Organic Chemistry. Before diving into Core of Organic Chemistry, be clear with Isomerism and Reaction Mechanisms. Himanshu Pandey or MS Chouhan, both are useful to cover this subject.


Some Tips


Time Management:

Plan your days. Write a schedule in a diary or use some mobile app’s help. Set goals for the week. You may include hourly deadlines for homework, revision, breaks, exam dates and weekly targets. This will go a long way in your career.


Use Power of Mind:

Try to do as many calculations in your mind. Writing it on paper takes time. Eventually, you will solve easy questions without touching your pen. This will save a lot of your time.


Use Online Resources

There are a number of e-learning resources out there to help you whenever you’re stuck. Ask your teachers, seniors, etc. if you don’t understand things well.
You can also get free online test. Solve free practice tests with sabakuch e-mock.


Clarify Your Doubts:

Clarify your doubts from your mentor, friends on social networking websites, or e-learning websites. You might get to know the better strategy & way of thinking. Keeping doubts will hurt you before the exam.


Notes & Revision:

Maintain short notes at the end of each chapter for quick revision. Looking at notes is a better way of revising than going through books.


Quality over Quantity:

Instead of just sitting on a chair for hours with books, study smartly. Putting your 100% on mock test paper or mock test series in just one hour is way better than those 4-5 hours.


Reward Yourself:

Take breaks, relax. If you complete your tasks within time reward yourself by playing, or listening online music or surfing social networking websites. This will build your focus.




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