Tired of Sharing Free Wallpaper Images? Now Send GIFs through WhatsApp


Just a few months back WhatsApp allowed its iPhone and Android users to share GIF images. Sharing free wallpaper images was once considered cool. But now GIFs are the rage these days.


GIFs or Graphics Interchange Format are short looming animated images without any sound. They are typically used to convey an emotion or a reaction. Also, they are time saving and save you the trouble of creating an entire video.


Social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, support them, but they have found greater acceptance on social media tool – WhatsApp.


So, if you also want to send GIFs through WhatsApp, here’s what you need to do:


On Android Devices:


To send GIFs on Android phone you have to learn a few simple steps. It is as simple as sharing a high resolution wallpaper. And, they get really easy once you get the hang of it.


  1. Firstly, press the emoji button visible on the left of compose screen.


free wallpaper images-sabakuch


  1. It will show you different emoji and under those emoji you will see GIF option. Tap on it and now you will see all the GIFs available  on your device.




  1. By clicking on the magnifier, you can search for GIFs by mood such as funny, love etc.




4. After selecting a GIF, you can share it with your friends.

(Several tricks also allow people to set GIFs as hd desktop backgrounds on their phones. But it’s a tricky thing to do and not advisable)


Giphy is one of the most notable places to get gif images.


Send GIFs in WhatsApp on iOS


If you are an iPhone user, then it’s a tad difficult to send GIFs through. But once you get hands on it then it will be easier for you.


This function enables the bottom left of the screen to manipulate your free wallpaper hd so that it re-opens the value of the niceties that all were waiting for.



  1. Open the chat Windows in which you want to share GIF and click on + icon given on the bottom left. Choose Photo and Video library.




  1. In the bottom-left, you’ll see a button “GIF”, next to the magnifying glass icon. Tap on it.




  • This will get you the GIF search too. You’ll see trending GIFs on the first page. Tap on the “Search” bar on top to search for a GIF. Here you can type angry, surprise, etc. and you will find the free wallpaper images in GIF format.


This is how now you can share GIFs on WhatsApp from your smartphone. You can convey more meaning without typing with these GIFs.


We all love sharing high resolution wallpaper, pdf files, or free wallpaper hd  and online music on WhatsApp. But why limit yourself when you can also send GIFs through WhatsApp.


You can not only forward free wallpaper images but also gif images you have received, you can send them from your device too.



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