social networking websites-sabakuch

Growing Web Page Size of Social Networking Websites

social networking websites-sabakuch

According to software engineer Ronan Cremin, the average web page size of social networking websites is about the same size, data-wise, as the vintage computer game Doom.


HTTP Archive is a site that tracks performance of social networking sites India. It shows that today’s average webpage, requires users to download about 2.3MB worth of data.


Now, your head must be filled with all kinds of intriguing questions. And, to find answers to them, keep following below.


social networking websites-size

(Average webpage size is now equal to the classic 1993 computer game, ‘Doom’)


How Did We Get Here?


Firstly, as we all know that internet speeds are getting faster and connections are growing in number. This has led to publishers and developers worry less about efficiency.


Secondly, this has caused to a growing number of analytics scripts, animated ads, and high-resolution photographs.


Now, each individual script may be small, but eventually they add up. Thus slowing down page loads not just by adding bulk but by increasing the number of connections required to load a page.


This means that those free hd wallpapers on animated ads you see, take up extra space to the already bloated page size of social networking websites.


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Why the Growing Web Page Size Matters?


  • Many new social networking sites in India are unable to provide optimal user experience. Their heavy pages tend to be slow pages, and slow pages mean unhappy users.


  • A study by Kissmetrics showed that 40% of users leave a website after 3 seconds of waiting


  • The cost of bandwidth usage incurred by heavy pages, may make users hesitant to return


  • Some mobile devices cannot handle heavy pages and thus limits the addressable audience



The 1 MB Target –


A survey conducted online shows that all the best indian social networking sites whose pages load faster have one thing in common. They were all found to be under 1MB size.

Therefore, 1 MB is the size that many companies are establishing as the top end of the “performance budget” they set for their pages. This includes online music sites and copyright free photos sites as well.


Conclusion –


The new social networking sites in India along with Google and Facebook are working on new technologies to speed pages up.

But, there are some drawback. For example, you have to host your content on Google’s servers to take full advantage of its Accelerated Mobile Pages program, or AMP.

Finally, page size isn’t the only factor for slow loading. Other problem areas include; server load, slow database queries, latency, etc.

However, growing web page size on social networking websites needs to be addressed before it reaches 3MB by the end of 2017.




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