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SoundCloud is Dying: Keep Your Online Music Safe

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If you are a hardcore music or podcast consumer then the news of SoundCloud’s troubles must have reached you already. That’s right folks, SoundCloud is dying. And that’s why, you need to keep your online music safe.


A new report by TechCrunch on social networking websites, reveals the situation at the company’s HQs may be more dire than previously thought.



Some Reasons for SoundCloud’s Decline:



  • SoundCloud has no viable business model whatsoever right now. There are even reports which suggest Spotify turning away from an acquisition offer.


  • Music online streaming is a competitive market with thin margins. In 2016 SoundCloud unveiled a paid subscription service, but this is likely to fall flat. This is because of the nature of their non-mainstream content and the service’s role in the music industry.


  • The media value proposition / feed / discovery system of SoundCloud isn’t great. Other music store online now offer same services with a better value.



So, the question that arises now is; How should you keep all your online music safe? Especially since SoundCloud is in such a difficult situation.



So, here are a few options to keep your music online safe:



  1. Take Back Ups –


-Yeah, it’s tiresome and a boring task to do. But, you have to back up all songs that you have. Remember, it is not sufficient to simply use online music sites to back up.


  • Use cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or,
  • Use an external hard drive to back up your music


-If you have a Mac, you can perform backups with Time Machine, which comes with your operating system. On a PC, you can use a free backup software like EaseUS Todo or Comodo BackUp.


online music-sabakuch-music


  1. Explore All Platforms –


-Keeping your latest music songs on different uploader sites makes sure that if one of the websites is down, the data is safe on others. Thereby, keeping your music online secure. These sites serve as a great promotional tool as well.


-For instance, the Music Monetize Program on Sabakuch Music can help earn singers and artists money online. All in lieu of uploading their mp3 songs.





The general feeling in music industry right now is that consumer interest in paid streaming services is declining. And, since Sound Cloud doesn’t have a huge playlists music, so users won’t pay for more than one subscription.


After 10 years and raising well over $200 million, SoundCloud has failed to build a sustainable business. If it wants to survive, it may need to sell to some more established company that could do better managing and monetizing.


As for the listeners and independent artists, they need to keep their online music safe. And, the new online music platforms like Spotify, Sabakuch Music, Apple Music may well be the next big thing.





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