latest music songs-sabakuch

Like to Hear Latest Music Songs? Know Some of These Differences First

latest music songs-sabakuch

Like to Hear Latest Music Songs? Think you know your music source well? Think again! Over the past few decades the music technology has undergone many physical changes. And, today we will be briefly looking at some key differences between those sources.


You must have come across the terms EP, LP, Album or Singles on social networking websites so many times that you may actually think that they all are the same.


Yes, you are somewhat right. But, technically you are wrong. So, if you like to hear latest music songs, then know some of these differences first. Because, next time when you buy your favorite track, you’ll know better what you are paying for.



  1. Single –


savage garden-singles-latest music songs

(Fig: Singles can also be more than one unreleased songs, put together in a disc)

  • A single is usually one song, and is released often as an appetizer for a greater body of work. Sometimes people also release a single between the creation of one record and another. Say, you released an album two years ago and you will be releasing another one after two years. To keep your fans interest, you may release latest music songs as single.


  • Now although a single means one track or one song, it doesn’t necessarily mean one version. An artist can release Acapella version, or an acoustic version or even an instrumental version of his/her music online



  1. EP –


EP-the beatles-latest music songs

(Fig: EP containing 4 tracks by the Beatles. See the front side listing two of the tracks)

  • EP’s or Extended Play is a collection of music. It has more content than a single, but it still does not count as a studio album. It is an old vinyl record played on gramophone. They play songs at about 45rpm.


  • Their estimated length is about 25 minutes or 4 tracks (two each side) EP’s were popular in the 50’s – 60’s. Popular English songs band, The Beatles did a few EP’s. One of them was the Magical Mystery Tour EP. Even hindi songs used to be released on EP


  1. LP –


Lp-latest music songs

(Fig: LPs are larger in size than 45s EPs)

  • LP’s or Long Play last more amount of time than EP’s. Though it depends on genres, but 30-40 minutes is a given. And, unlike EP’s that have various playlists music not recorded together, LP’s are a finished, coherent product.


  • An LP is a full album, the term is from the days of vinyl records. It is an another word for “album”. LP’s come on 12″ records, tracks are placed on both the sides of the vinyl as each side is able to store only a certain amount of songs.


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  1. Album –


gnr-latest music songs-sabakuch

(Fig: Music albums contain atleast a dozen track typically on same theme)

  • Music albums were originally the amount of music that would fit on a 12″ vinyl album, typically about 45 minutes or 22-23 minutes per side. Albums are made by artists but controlled by record labels on every level, including their creation process.


  • Composing an album is a long process and it may take years sometimes, at least in case of great artists. The songs have to follow a theme, a story etc. in an album. A long delay between 2 albums can cause fans to go away. Hence, singles.



  1. Mixtape –


mixtape-latest music songs


  • You may have heard about rappers and MCs dropping a Mixtape all the time. So what is mixtape? A mixtape (usually) has less structure, free music, and sounds like a random collection of mp3 songs around a theme. For instance, dance songs or disco music.


  • The mixtape originated with DJ’s in club who would put hit Hollywood songs together for clubgoers and their fans.  They decide the length, content, etc. and put mixtapes together for their customers who want a compilation of latest music songs.



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