career in law -sbk law diary

Why your Career in Law needs SBK Law Diary?

career in law -sbk law diary

Whether you are a veteran Law practitioner or a college kid looking for a career in law, some principles about this field will never change. But as the saying goes, ‘’change is the only constant’’; this applies for the field of law too.


Of Smart Lawyers and Smart phones


Gone are the days when a career in law or law study was just about litigations and filing cases. Nowadays, law professionals can mark their presence in many corporate firms, law agencies, administrative sector and much more.


A new modern work structure is being established with new technologies. This is giving a vast consumer and business benefit to many law firms.


Another important change has been brought in by the smart phones. And, the applications run on these phones are having a huge positive impact in the way lawyers function.


SBK Law Diary


Speaking of smartphone applications and their impact on law. The biggest difference has been made by the introduction of apps such as SBK Law Diary. These apps are quickly replacing those old manual and hefty diaries that lawyers used to carry with them.


This law diary app provides case management services needed by law professionals every day. It seeks to make the process simple and efficient to note down details of a case, set court hearing, manage dates, set reminders, share details with clients or co-workers.


Meant to fulfill the needs of lawyers in New Delhi, the app specializes in storing and displaying details about all existing courts in the national capital. The range includes district level courts to the Supreme Court.


The new SBK Law Diary app includes the intuitive functionality mobile device users expect from modern applications (such as for online music or chat), including the ability to share and receive data, notifications via sms, and keep the app on device memory with a simple touch.


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What Digital Law Diary Can Do?


Available from either Google Play (for android systems) or from iTunes (for Apple systems), the app is fairly easy to install. Only mobile number and full name is needed by the user to gain access. Once logged in, the users can:


  • Create or Edit Case Details including; Case Number, Court Name, Court Room Number, Judge’s Name
  • Set any day/date from the present one to the future
  • Display total number of cases in My Case List
  • Shift the Cases to Disposed Cases section, keeping the user screen uncluttered
  • Send Hearing and Case details to other colleagues by using the Share feature in the app
  • Store any number of cases without worrying of any restrictions
  • Be completely secure with No tracking of personal data

All major and minor courts of Delhi along with Judge’s name and court hall number will be carried on SBK Law Diary app.


sbk law diary-career


Future Expectations


In the end, the practicing lawyers and students who have taken up law as career need to embrace technology. Clients today have great expectations of what technology can do. This expectation is judged against their own experience of services delivered by big firms such as Apple or Google and by the popularity of Indian social networking sites


Mobile applications such as SBK Law Diary are a great way to connect law professionals with technology and boost productivity in their career in law.



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