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Nightingale Turns 88: Here are Lata Didi’s Top 5 Hindi Songs

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The Nightingale of Bollywood, Lata Mangeshkar turns 88 today. Words cannot even describe her majestic voice. With more than 25,000 songs in over 7 decades, Lata ji has been a gift to India, to music and everyone who loves to listen hindi songs.


Popularly known as Lata Didi, she has done playback singing along side some of Bollywood’s stalwarts such as Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar. And, she has outlasted them all with an active career between 1942 to 2015 –  a total of 73 years.


It is extremely difficult to pick out favorites from her list of endless all songs and music online. But after much consideration and extreme difficulty, here are Lata Didi’s Top 5 Hindi Songs:



  1. Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon



One of the most iconic and  patriotic hindi songs, that was written by Pradeep after the India-China war in 1962. The song was first performed live by Mangeshkar on 27 January 1963 in the presence of President S. Radhakrishnan and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Lata Didi once said that Pradeep was always sure of the song’s success saying, “Only Pradeepji had faith in the song. He had prophesied to me, ‘Lata, tum dekhna yeh gaana bahot chalega. Log hamesha ke liye issey yaad rakhenge (You’ll see this song will endure. People will always remember it).



  1. Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya



Many music albums have tried and failed to reach the height of rebellious love in Hindi cinema. The courtesan sings of her love with the prince, before the Emperor of India. ‘’Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kiya’’ (Mughal-e-Azam, 1960) was written by Shakeel Badayuni and composed by Naushad.

This Bollywood songs was filmed in a set inspired by the Sheesh Mahal of the Lahore Fort, in the Mohan Studios.The sequence was reported to have cost ₹ 1 million to execute, a price higher than the budget of an entire film at that time.



  1. Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam



Besides Bollywood’s heartthrob Shahrukh Khan romancing Kajol on screen in the 1995 superhit film, DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge), a big factor that led to its success was its songs. Lata Mangeshkar sung most of the film’s tunes. And,  Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam became a huge love anthem for an entire generation.

Go to any of the indian social networking sites and even today this number  men and women use this melody to woo each other.



  1. Tere Liye



Tere Liye (Veer Zaara, 2004) is a catchy classic romantic mp3 which is extremely soothing to the ears. With vocals rendered by Mangeshkar, and lyrics penned by Javed Akhtar, the song feels like the fulcrum of romance of a lifetime.

Roopkumar Rathod complements Mangeshkar’s vocals quite well, and both strive well to convey the hope and yearning that love offers.



  1. Naam Goom Jayega



This is not a new mp3 song but quite an old one from the 1970s movie – Kinara.  Just one particular line immortalises  Lata Didi’s position in the music industry. All music store online reveres her for it.


‘’Meri Aawaz Hi Pehchan Hai’’ (My Voice is My Identity) – this line, these words cannot be any truer. This Indian legend’s voice is her identity and we love her and hindi songs for it.

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