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Make Easy Money on Social Networking Websites

social networking websites-sabakuch-blog

Time is money folks. And, many of us just fool around on the web visiting social networking websites and aimlessly wasting time. Wasting free time is like wasting money. But, that can be changed if you are willing to put in 15 minutes to an hour of ‘’free time’’ to make easy money.


A lot of online marketers have their pockets full of cash by making money online. So why should you stay behind? Social networking websites have changed the ways that people make money on the internet.


Here’s how you too can make easy money on social networking websites:



  1. Get Paid to Share your Opinion –


social networking websites-20-20-panel


  • Getting some extra cash can never hurt, right? 20/20 panel is precisely for that. It is a paid survey website that asks you to fill in some answers. And, share your opinion for exchange of prizes.


  • Once you register with the site, you will be given surveys which are fairly easy and can be done in minutes. And the reward? $50 to $150 per research study. A 100% great past time for a 20/20 panel, right?



  1. Solve Tasks on Short Task –


social networking websites-short-task


  • According to Short Task, ‘’itis based on the idea that there are still many online jobs that cannot be fully replaced by technology. Whether it’s researching detailed information, transcribing audio or video recordings, identifying objects in photographs or videos, or creating written content, some jobs are just better done by humans.’’


  • Short task makes you a ‘’solver’’, once you sign up. Then do some pretty basic tasks and get $0.02 to $2.00 depending on the task.



  1. Review Others –


social networking websites-user-testing


  • If filling surveys and finding answers isn’t your thing, then why not review something in your free time on indian social networking sites? UserTesting allows you to review other people’s blog site or videos or royalty free stock photos.


  • As a reviewer you help the owners of social media sites by pointing flaws in their site. Or by telling them about their design flaws or user interaction experience. For example, you get $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video. Not bad for simply visiting a website and giving honest feedback.



  1. Sell your Sound –


social networking websites-sabakuch-music


  • If you are a singer or musician and struggling to make an impact with your songs as free music online, then pay attention. Sabakuch Music allows people to upload their ‘’original songs’’ on its music store online. Then by using the ‘Monetize Program’ one can get a chance to make easy cash.


  • As one of the best social networking website in India, Sabakuch Music’s monetize feature is based on the number of ‘’plays’’ per song. More plays means more money. The best part is that the online music is totally Free! No sign-up cost or hidden costs involved.


These sites can work wonders for digital marketing people, or even if you are a casual user surfing the web. Working on these sites combined together, might get increased sales, more visitors, and boost your online marketing.




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