Need Online Music for Videos? These Places Will Give You Royalty Free Music

Do you wish your video production could have soundtracks like Hollywood films? Do you imagine editing your clips with sounds of films like Interstellar, or Dark Knight? Then Royalty Free Music can be an excellent choice for a professional production.


It is not easy to get high-quality soundtracks for use in personal, or business purposes without paying a large sum in fees. But thanks to copyright free music, this issue can be tackled.


You don’t need to worry of having a huge budget of Bollywood songs to put great music in your videos. The following great places will give you royalty free music. That’s right! No copyright issues, 100% genuine and totally FREE



  1. Sabakuch Music


  • With mp3 songs and online music in over 14 Indian and international languages, Sabakuch offers copyright free music curated by sound engineers. This makes the probability of finding a suitable track very high.


  • The site is home to many independent artists who create and upload their own latest music songs to be used for free in lieu of the website’s monetization program.



  1. Jamendo


  • For those who want to make YouTube videos, Jamendo is a great option. It offers multiple genres of full music albums including commercial one.


  • It not only provides soundtracks for multimedia but for radio projects too



  1. CCMixter


  • CCMixter’s free songs are best for video production and DJ mixing. Its audio tracks are mostly meant for games, podcasts and DJ Mixing. A community site of over 45k artists makes it reliable.


  • There’s one condition though. Although you can modify any song even for commercial usage, but you need to give credit to the creator.



  1. PublicDomain4U


  • Like the name suggests, public domain means there are no intellectual property rights attached. This is either because the composers have passed away or the rights have been forfeited.


  • Music online from early 1900s is now in public domain if its copyright was never renewed. So, you can expect a lot of historical pieces out there. Check each artist in case you are seeking mp3 from underground sources.



  1. Royalty Free Music Library


  • With a very easy-to-navigate site, it offers royalty free music with a lifetime license. This means, that you just pay once and use that track forever.


  • The site claims to be an excellent resource when it comes to music in education. It has broadcast quality tracks from television and film composers also.


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Why Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music not just affordable, but high in value and quality. Just like royalty free stock photos, you do not need to pay loads of money to renowned composers. And, no need to pay royalties again and again.


Before the popularity of Indian social networking sites, artists relied on big corporations for distribution and marketing of their playlists music. But now they get total control over their compositions. The artist can even decide whom to give the free songs to.

Listen mp3 online or save your own playlist with Sabakuch Music App. Available on iTunes and Google Play

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