3 Key Benefits of Adding Royalty Free Images to Your Blog


Internet is a fast medium. Nobody wants to read blog posts that seem like an 18thcentury manuscript. People quickly scan through your lines and move on. So, its your job to add a bit of life to your blog posts by adding images.


While text content is really important, there are however some key benefits of adding royalty free images to your blog. For a better reader experience, a little extra on-page SEO and just making things look cooler, read along.


Royalty free images  (like these) are copyright free. They can be used, modified without any worries of credits. You probably know about them or are tired of reading the same stuff online. Therefore, we’ll simply cut the crap and see how these pictures can elevate your blog and improve your web ranking + traffic.


  1. Bond, James Bond:


Wait.. You are still on the right page. We are just gonna use the example of James Bond movies here to kick off our 3 key benefits of adding royalty free images to your blog.


What’s the one thing that completes all James Bond films? Certainly, that catchy mp3 song tune comes to mind. But, the one thing that fits the answer – are the ‘’Bond Girls’’ or ‘’the eye candy’’


royalty free images-bond


Not to be sexist by any means, the term, ’’eye candy’’ became popular in the 70s and can be used to explain the point here.


Using hd free wallpaper images can help gloss over your text mistakes, attract the reader’s attention, and make them stick around for a while longer.


Tip: Go to Bufferapp’s guide to ideal image sizes. For instance;


Facebook – 1,200 x 628

Twitter – 1,024 x 512

LinkedIn – 800 x 800

Google+ – 800 x 1200

Pinterest – 735 x 1,102

Instagram – 1,200 x 1,200


Also Read: 3 Types of Good Night Wallpapers to Enhance Your Desktop Background



  1. More Search Engine Traffic:


royalty free images-sabakuch-blog


Having some basic knowledge of Alt text and image description can drive a lot of potential traffic to your royalty free stock photos or copyright free photos from image search engines.


Adding optimized royalty free images to your blog can add another positive benefit to your content and improve search engine traffic.


royalty free images-gif



Tip: If you use WordPress then use SEO Friendly Images plugin. If you’re short of time, then this plugin solves your problem by automatically updating all pictures with Alt and Title attributes for SEO



  1. Pictures and Text = Amazing:


royalty free images-benefit


As mentioned earlier, people just scan online music sites or even best social networking websites. Images act as headings by breaking long blocks of paragraphs. They lead the viewer’s eye to the main points.


Inserting some hd desktop backgrounds can make a blog look more detailed. Now, although these photos won’t increase the word count but they work perfectly especially when your post is a bit short.


Tip: Before adding royalty free images to your blog make sure to edit it to your liking. Use PicMonkey.com to quickly edit any pic online; edit, resize, add overlay or even add watermark. Best part is that this site is free.


When using sources for royalty free images be sure to understand and comply with the licensing requirements. Also, don’t spend too much time on images. Keep a balance in schedule. If you don’t find a suitable image through free sources, there are a number of affordable paid resources. Sabakuch Images is one such source.


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/09/15/royalty-free-images-to-your-blog/


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