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Five Free Social Media Analytics Tools You Need in 2017

social media analytics tools-sabakuch-blog

As a social media marketer you are doing everything to make your life easier and still not getting the desired results. Well, help is at hand, with this guide to social media analytics tools.


Social Networking has become an important part of Digital Marketing in 2017. Most modern-day brands and organizations believe that it creates a connection between their brand and the audience.


With so much pressure while working on Social Media marketing, one cannot afford to not take advantage of free help. Thus, we present Five Free Social Media Analytics Tools You Need in 2017



  1. Google Analytics –


social media analytics tools-google


  • We kick off our list with Google Analytics; a tool that is most used by many indian social networking site managers and marketing experts. It tells you great bit about performance of your website, as well as the content that gains most traffic.


  • Add Google Webmaster Tools to it and you will be able to track keywords about your site, the number and quality of backlinks, and also the number of indexed and broken pages.



  1. Angry IP Scanner –


social media analytics tools-angry-ip


  • If you want to scan IP addresses and ports and finding live hosts, then look no further than Angry IP Scanner. It provides detailed information about ports


  • The good thing about this tool is that its cross-platform, lightweight and doesn’t require any installations. Plus, it can be copied anywhere.


  • Network administrators can monitor and manage their networks by saving the scan results to CSV, TXT, XML or IP-Port list files



  1. Buffer –


social media analytics tools-buffer

(image source: bufferblog)


  • The basic principle with social networking websites is that the more visible you are them; the more potential traffic you bring to your site.


  • Buffer makes it really easy to post content on multiple networking platforms, simultaneously. You can share things on the spot or add them to a schedule that will post later. It’s Analytics on recent posts including clicks, likes, shares, retweets, and potential.


  • Buffer is easy to navigate, looks simple, and can make your team more efficient. You can use this tool for free with limited features or upgrade to premium.


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  1. HowSociable –


social media analytics tools-howsociable


  • Imagine your brand on a scale of 0 to 10 rank! How convenient your life would be? Well, HowSociable’s magnitude score provides an indication of the level of activity of your brand during a given week


  • A score of zero means there is zero for the brand. A score of 10 means the brand you rock the social web and your brand recall is high


  • HowSociable is a valuable tool for brand monitoring, and it can save a ton of money and resources, as opposed to hire someone to monitor the web


  1. Zenoss Core –


social media analytics tools-ZenossCore


  • Coming to the end of our list of Five Free Social Media Analytics Tools You Need in 2017 is Zenoss Core.


  • If you want to keep your eye on your applications, servers, storage, networking, then Zenoss Core is just the right tool for you. In use by many new social networking sites in india, it’s virtualization mode gives you performance statistics as well.


  • Moreover, with an advanced notifications system you can stay ahead of the curve



Finally, begin by chalking down your own priorities and goals. They should match with the needs of your team and your online site business whether for online music or free wallpaper hd. This allows a solid way to weigh in your options while you research, evaluate and compare features for popular social networking websites.





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