10 Tactics for Getting More Followers on Social Media


With the booming social marketing industry, ease of doing business has gone up. And so have the avenues of going big. Afterall, who doesn’t want higher returns on investment? No doubt, the social media networks– due to simplicity, versatility and long term benefits are the new way ahead.


But all of this depends on one thing. On getting more followers on social media. But how does one do that? Well, the following passages will tell you the 10 tactics to get more social media followers.


So, brace up. Here are the 10 tactics:



  1. Give Incentives –


A good way to attract more visitors is by offering them incentives. These could be in lieu of following your profile or sharing your posts. Discounts, freebies and coupons are always a welcome incentive for the people by best social networking sites. And, remember not to make scammy offers.


  1. Automation –


For entrepreneurs strapped for time, multi-tasking is a huge benefit. In social network, automation can post content to social networking websites (by itself). Some automation apps such as Hootsuite, BufferSproutSocialHubSpot, and Social Flowhave unique features of their own, all allowing you to schedule social media posts in advance and monitor your accounts when someone mentions your brand or sends a comment.


  1. Share a lot –


If you like to write blogs, then include social media share buttons on every post (and not just the sidebar). Here’s a link to a plugin that can help with it.


4. Relevant Content –


Think outside the box. Share original content with valuable insights and strategies. People are genuinely looking for help on social sites. Do not end up wasting their time. If someone wants to know about royalty free stock photos, then do not try to sell them paid wallpapers instead.


  1. Engage with Followers –


If you have a team to communicate with followers then that should get you more social media followers. However, if you are working alone, then also try to socialize with people online. In the business world, a personal touch can go a long way; as you aren’t just selling a brand, you are selling yourself and company as well.


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  1. Hashtags –


Don’t waste time on irrelevant hashtags. Find the trending hashtags and then use them in your posts. This will attract those followers who are looking for them online. Hashtagify is a web based tool to help with hashtags.


  1. To go viral, know viral –

As much as one hates to hear this term, but going ‘’viral’’ these days is a necessary cliché. Trend online with viral content and posts. Tools like PostPlanner can help you. It provides images and video content that are proved to go viral.


  1. Landing Pages –


Your business site needs to have network specific landing pages and link of the pages to your other social media bios. This would lead to an increase in traffic on your site and help conversions. Read this link to know more about creating landing pages


  1. External Publishers –


Another vital part of content marketing tactics is to write guest blogs and include back links to your site. This grows brand visibility, reputation, and even gets you higher organic search rankings. And, if those external publications tag you in while sharing your posts on their own channels, then it’s a bonus.


  1. Hold Contests –


Contests can sound like a gimmicky tactic to gain more followers, but it works, especially well for Indian social networking sites. You can give the public a chance to win some prize (randomly or pre-determined by you), for ‘’liking’’ your social page or following you on a social networking site. Tools like Rafflecopter work well to hold contests or giveaways.


Anything Else…?


Yes. It doesn’t matter whether you work on all the 10 points given here or 20 points given of getting more followers in some other article on the web. Not until you take care of the following 2 things:


  1. Consistency: If you have limited time or resource, then choose only a few of these strategies. There’s no point in working on it for 1 or 2 weeks. It’s a long term process

    2. Know your Customer: Analyse your posts carefully. The more popular ones are gonna be what the audience actually wants and not what you think they want.


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/08/31/10-tactics-getting-followers-social-media/



  1. Great stuff Anjali! Out of everything you said your closing remarks were the most valuable: Know your customer, and consistency. You have to know who you are targeting and give them information they both wand and need and you also have to be consistent in your efforts.

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