Technology Tips for Online Learning Students

The increasing number of online learning students and e-Learning programs has forced the need to make the digital mediums user friendly. But, at the same time the students must be having a working knowledge of programs, such as podcasts, wikis, web portals, and Microsoft Office.


Although the institutions and websites must develop robust technologies that support this system, some responsibility lies on the part of the students as well. Therefore, today we will be looking at some technology tips for online learning students.


These tips are meant to improve the efficiency and quality of the education process:


  1. Keyboard Shortcuts –


  • Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to do things faster, especially when you are working on e-learning websites. Moreover, even if some people know shortcuts they still don’t bother to use them.


  • Now, whether one is playing songs on online music sites or filling in a form online, they’ll definitely feel an increase in productivity


  • This also eliminates the need to reach for the mouse unnecessarily thus, conserving energy.


Here are some links. Check ‘em out and use keyboard like a ninja!



  1. Software Updates –


  • Now, it doesn’t matter whether you are a PC or Mac user, software updates are crucial for both systems. Some of the most important ones are Java, Flash, and web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) updates


  • While some browsers may install them automatically but you should check for them atleast once every month


  • Keeping up with the latest software technology will prevent any unwanted glitch in the online learning module.


online learning students-sabakuch


  1. HTTPS –


  • Next in the technology tips is HTTPS. While making online payments for course material or e-Mock papers or online courses, trust only those e-learning retailers that use secure internet service known as HTTPs. The URL must begin withhttps:// instead of http://


  • Another safe alternative is to pay through PayPal to the online stores. It is a secure way to pay through your credit card. Today, most of the free social networking sites in india use safe transaction process


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  1. Keep work separate from Leisure –


  • Don’t use your social media profile for work:
  1. Keep your FB profile for close friends and family only
  2. Make a separate mail id for notifications, newsletters, etc from the e-learning sites. Mixing them with one account will create confusion


  • Disconnect the Technology:
  1. Surprise! Although separation from technology hardly exists today. But, try and get away from tech for a while every day. Go hiking, biking, or just sit and stare at the sunset


  • Push Notification:
  1. Turn off push notifications if you are using a smart phone app for digital learning
  2. Although it’s difficult to not be stuck with smartphone, turn off push email notifications when you are with family for dinner, etc.



  1. Summarization –


  • Break down information down to simple concepts with rough outlines. And, then use those outlines to form links with other related topics and concepts


  • Software such as OneNote is a great tool for outlining. It can be used on both Windows and Apple OS. Otherwise, Google Keep can be used as a synchronized notepad app. It supports text, voice, photo notes and checklists
  • Finally remember to sync it with cloud (use Google Drive or Dropbox), so your notes can are accessible from any device anytime.


Today, social networking sites in India are becoming an all-in-1 directory. The word ‘edutainment’ would most aptly describe them. Learning about some technology tips could be fruitful for online learning students as they can save time, energy and gain more knowledge.




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