Weird but True: Of Music in Space, Astronauts & Aliens

Previously in a special blog titled ‘’Weird but True: Indian Music Now Reaching for the Stars’’ we shed some light on Music in Space, and the magical story of songs being composed for the stars and by the stars (the astronauts)


And similarly, we have two other instances for you, which exist somewhere in the vastness of space and where music in space has created magic.


That’s right folks. As we call it weird but true. The following content is all about music, space, astronauts and aliens. So, get ready for the journey.



  1. Waking up to Music… in Space!


  • First of all, how would you feel like waking up to the latest music songs, or any other random track… millions of miles from Earth?


  • The astronauts have been doing that since 1965. A lot of different soundtracks play for them to wake up.


  • Since missions before Gemini VI were short in duration, therefore the crew did not get wake-up songs. All this information is brought out by Colin Fries, a NASA historian. (Read about him here)


  • The DJ who chooses song tracks in space is the mission’s capsule commander, CAPCOM – also the crew member on the ground who maintains contact with the crew in space.


  • So, which songs are favorites, as you wonder? Well, wake up songs match with the environment. That’s right! Space! What else?


  • Elton John’s ‘’Rocket Man’’ and David Bowie’s ‘’Space Oddity’’ are quite popular piece of Music in Space. ‘’What a Wonderful World’’ by Louis Armstrong and James Taylors’ ‘’Up on the Roof’’ are also the favorites.


  • In 1991 the crew of Atlantis woke up to the English songs of Star Trek: Next Generation, while in 1993 a space crew was surprised by Star Wars


 Here is a version of Space Oddity  by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station 




Play songs online on Sabakuch Music or get the free app from Google Play or iTunes



  1. Apollo 10 Hears Music… Coming from Aliens?


  • While the concept of aliens in sci-fi movies is always fascinating to watch. But, how about a moment in time when you get to listen alien music? And, more importantly, what really happened on the far side of the moon on that day in 1969?


  • As weird but true stories go, apparently, for one full hour, the American astronauts hear this otherworldly, organized alien noise and whistling sounds in their headsets.


  • That ‘’weird music’’ was disclosed by NASA in 2016 and immediately went viral on new social networking sites in India. Seems like, the whistling sound actually emanated from radio interference between spacecrafts


  • Preserved by NASA’s archives the astronauts’ conversation went like this:


Music in Space

Read the whole transcript by NASA, here


Here is a video regarding this eerie revelation:



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