This is How Social Media is Killing Email


Over the past one decade a statement has become common in online world. Social Media is killing email – say the pundits of internet marketing who have been a witness to major changes in its form and usage.


Gone are the days when people used to write emails to each other. It was then considered to be the ‘modern form of letter writing’. But within a few years all that changed. Global social networking websites such Facebook, LinkedIn, Sabakuch have almost eliminated the need for emails.


Reasons Behind the “Killing” of E-Mail – 


Emails are now mostly restricted for signing up on social sites or for office letters/applications. They have quite severely reduced in usage in informal conversations. Some of the factors behind the alleged ‘’killing of email’’ such as – longer time to write and send, spam messages in inbox, phishing and other viruses – are rather slowly taking people away from it.




The Case of E-Mail Marketing


Email Marketing utilizes email for communicating commercial or fundraising messages with your existing or future customers. And, this is done directly through their mailbox. This form of digital marketing has been a powerful medium whose results used to outperform PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising and even the early days of social media.

However, the easy access to internet services and smartphone revolution has been changing things. These days, people are replacing it with tweets, likes and status updates. The next section examines it more closely.


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If E-Mail is on its Way out, what will come in its place?


  1. Push Notifications –


social media is killing email-uber-blog

(Image source:


  • Many companies are realizing the benefits of Push alert and are implementing them. Take for instance, Uber. Upon booking a ride, a Push message tells you about your cab information. For any complains just go to FAQ section and report within the app. No email required.


  • Some other benefits of Push notification include:


  1. They help in active engagement with customers
  2. They catch customer’s attention quickly
  3. Notifications can be sent according to time zones without disturbing customers



  1. Chatbots –


social media is killing email-chatbot-blog

(Image source:



  • Chatbots are a great combo of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Programming. There is no sign-up process, and it can personalize information to you instantly since the bot already has access to your social profile


  • As soon as someone connects with your bot, you can perhaps push messages to them within Facebook messenger along with any of the best Indian social networking sites


  • Since bots do not get tired or frustrated like humans, they can be used all the time. Imagine the next time your favorite food item is at the store or your favorite Mp3 songs album in music store online; bots will put it on hold giving you a more personalized experience


Here is a great link to get all the info about Chatbot Marketing and how it leads to how social media is killing email



  1. Instant Messaging –


social media is killing email-instant-messaging


  • Instant messaging is the here and now of workplace communication, as emails continue to lose their effectiveness. Organizations look for apps that get quick message delivered to the employees.


  • The problems with writing mails and waiting for hours are eliminated here. Also, you do not have to worry about picking up the phone and waiting for minutes if the call gets transferred to voice.





Every online marketing channel reaches its peak at some stage. Whether social media is killing email or not will be clearer in the next 2-3 years. And yet, although emails will still continue in the near future, but as all means of communication evolve, one must be prepared to evolve too. Especially Marketers should stop relying on them as the be-all and end-all of digital communication.





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