Heavy Metal: Top 5 Metallica Songs

One of the most respected and influential Heavy Metal Band of all time, has been Metallica. To comprise a list of Top 5 Metallica Songs is like picking needle from haystack.


Enduring a span of over 30 years, when online music is now heavily controlled by commercial record labels, this heavy metal band has kept its rawness and authenticity to the core.


So, without further ado, presenting the Top 5 Metallica Songs. Enjoy:


Top 5 Metallica Songs



  1. One



  • Before ending with a badass solo, this Mp3 song builds up very slowly (covering the gritty details of soldiers’ misfortunes in the battlefield).
  • In early 1989, it became Metallica’s first Top 40 hit – reaching gold-level sales. One is a kind of soundtrack that can move and put you in awe with its sheer force.


  1. Wherever I May Roam



  • This is a track which is just solid from start to finish. The use of Indian sounds-middle-eastern scale settings (in Hammet’s solo) makes it unique.
  • If you listen closely, there are even Sitars used in the opening. Quite easily found on best Indian social networking sites, the song is about life on the road.


  1. For Whom the Bell Tolls



  • In the list of popular English songs comes ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls. Based on Ernest Hemingway’s novel it portrays a battle cry of a doomed soldier.
  • The Mp3 track is mid paced and is less aggressive than other chartbusters that you may have heard.



  1. Fade to Black



  • At number two comes a song from the album ‘’Ride The Lightning’’. Fade to Black is about thinking whether this life is worth living or wishing to be dead.
  • As Metallica’s first ever ballad it becomes even more special with strong lyrics and emotional emphasis in the voice of James Hetfield.



  1. Master of Puppets



  • And finally, no online music library for Heavy Metal can be complete without ‘Master of Puppets’.
  • This number is a representation of many things like; melody, rhythm, speed, riff, guitar solo, meaningful lyrics and a ballad in the middle.


At a time when popular songs are available easily on music online, it has become extremely convenient to experience the enigma of Metallica that changed the face of metal forever. The heavy metal fans world-over know the influence they had on other bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, etc.


Hope you enjoy listening to this top 5 list (if metal is your taste). Will be back soon with another list sometime. Adios!


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/08/22/heavy-metal-top-5-metallica-songs/




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