World Photography Day: Photo Facts You Did Not About

August 19 of every year is also known as World Photography Day. On the same date in the year 1839, Frenchman Louis Daguerre created a process that became the first commercial developing process. The science and art of taking photos inspires millions of people today who indulge from taking professional snaps to royalty free stock photos for different online sites.


To honor the legacy of this wonderful human invention on World Photography Day, let us look back at some of the times when it has filled us with awe and surprise.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy these photo facts you did not about on World Photography Day. And keep taking pictures one click at a time.


  1. Innocent Pic of Couple –




Earlier this month, the internet got so confused as this picture went viral on all of the best social networking sites in India and WhatsApp groups worldwide. People actually thought that the girl is holding the tree. However, it’s just an optical illusion. The tree is on the ground, but the handle of her bag and her hair make it look otherwise.


  1. The ‘’Dress’’ –




Can the color of a dress make one go crazy and rub their eyes in disbelief? Well, that’s what happened when an image of a ‘dress’ went viral online, back in February 2015.

People argued over its colors ranging from black and blue to white and gold.

This photograph showed differences in human color perception and are a part of studies in neuroscience and vision science. (Imagine it being used as images for wallpaper, etc.)


  1. The First Digital Camera –




It is true that modern digital cameras have changed the way photography is done all over the world. But, these cameras were not the same as they are today. Invented in 1975, by an engineer at Eastman Kodak, the world’s first digi cam recorded 0.01 megapixel black & white photos on a cassette tape and took nearly 23 seconds to create one image. It was then shown on a tv set.



  1. When 23 seconds Looks Like a Joke –




If you think 23 seconds was a long time to wait, then consider the Ancient technique in 19th century when Henry Talbot exposed silver chloride ‘’sensitive paper’’ for more than an hour in order to form a negative image.


  1. Saying Cheese Ain’t No Joke –




Did you know that during the early days of photography, people never smiled in front of the camera or in their portraits?

Not that those guys were too serious or somethin’, but since the exposure time sometimes was for hours!! And, it’s not really an easy thing to keep that smile on your face for hours together now, right?


  1. Swimming with ‘’Trump’’ –




A photograph of current US President Donald Trump went so viral a few months back that it even found its way on many copyright free photos sites. Image is a one-piece printed of an enlarged picture of Trump with a shocked face. According to the company selling the swimsuit, it ‘’contours your form and is meant to flatter’’.

Horrifying or Hilarious? You decide.


  1. The Mobile Cam Democracy –




And finally, thanks to the smart phone revolution, around 350 billion photos are taken worldwide each year. The phone camera and social media has become a platform for people to promote their talents online. More and more royalty free stock photos are being published today than ever before. Over 80 million pics are uploaded each day on Instagram while over 40 million are shared. The whole process has become quite democratic.

There you have it. Hope you guys find these facts interesting and hope you keep creating new pictures that inspire. Happy World Photography Day!




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