7 Creative Ways of Learning New Language

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To many, learning new language, seems like climbing a mountain. The hurdles can easily overwhelm a person involved in this task. However, with willingness, enthusiasm and right tools, the whole process can become easy, creative and knowledgeable.





The reasons are diverse. There are many e-learning  websites also available these days. But we will go a step further and look at some of the more creative ways to enhance both knowledge and career.

So without further ado, lets take a look at 7 of some of the fun and creative ways in which you can learn a new language.



  1. Watch a Movie:




Wait, it doesn’t mean any random movie! No! Watch the movie in the language you’re interested in. By reading through the subtitles of the film, you’ll get a sense of sounds, pronunciations, patterns, etc. of that culture. This is a great way to feel more relaxing and comfortable while feeling a new vocabulary.



  1. Get an e-Learning App:



There are various apps for mobile phones that are based on digital or e-learning websites. Some apps are like a pocket dictionary and can help you get around with difficult words. For example: Dictionary Linguee. Others such as Sabakuch e-learning app are a complete collection of language course that you can study on the go. You can also download apps that include learning through flash cards or quiz.


Download e-learning app here, for Android or Apple



  1. Wait, Listen and Watch:



(Image credit: SpeechBuddy)


When it comes to linguistics, it is not simply a mental exercise. It also involves the movement of mouth and lips. It is therefore crucial to watch carefully for right pronunciation. Read foreign newspapers or articles on social networking site in India(simply read headlines as they have big fonts which are more identifiable), watch movie trailers, music videos, or hear podcasts.



  1. Find a Partner:



(Image Source: jamesadamcaroline.files.wordpress.com)


Not to get confused for a life partner, but find a LANGUAGE BUDDY; another learner who could be your friend or family member. He or She will help you learn fast by pointing to your mistakes. Remember, do not get frustrated by frequent mistakes being noted. Just know that the other person was too in your position once. Studying together will make the process seem faster and better.



  1. Start with Common Words:




Make a list of some of the simplest and most common words, then try and form short sentences around those words. This helps identifying relevant words, phrases and sentences quickly. For example; if you want to speak English, then form a list of words used in everyday life, such as Hello, Good Morning, Thank you, etc.


Know a language and want to practice it. Practice with E-Mock Paper. Click link. Free.


  1. Cook Something Up:



Yes, literally! And no, don’t cook up those books or study material. A new creative way to get acquainted to a new language is to actively engage with it. So, pick up a recipe book and cook up something simple from it. The images and words will help you recall what you’ve memorized earlier and make the whole thing interesting.

And yeah, Just in case, keep that pizza delivery number handy.



  1. The ‘P’ Word:



If you thought we missed counting the dreaded ‘P’ word in this list, then unfortunately you were wrong. Practice – no matter how many times one repeats – definitely makes a person perfect. Remember, all the above tools will render useless if you do not incorporate a few minutes of study in your daily life. So, keep up that positive attitude and walk up the road filled with some challenges, a little bit emotional outbursts and in the end, a lot of fun.



There you go. Hope all of you who are looking to add a new dimension to your career or life in general will benefit by applying some of the creative ways listed above and hopefully, it will lead you to learn new language soon.


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/08/17/7-creative-ways-learning-new-language/



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