These Online Marketing Predictions Can Help You Rule Social Media


With the advancement in internet technology and changes in online marketing methods, the entire landscape of social media is changing rapidly in India and world over. New consumer trends and new techniques are being opened up.


The future looks great for online social networking sites, and this blog will give you some online marketing predictions that can help you dominate and rule social media, if followed correctly:



  1. Live Content –


With the coming of 4G internet service, the data speeds have gone up multiple times since the days of Dial-up modems. People can now instantly download a whole music album online or a Full HD movie (of about 1GB) within minutes.


People want to see live content, behind-the-scenes content on free social networking sites in India.

This makes us predict, that live video will be much more important in the future. Real-time events on WhatsApp or Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. will go for more and more live content. And so should you!



  1. Video –


Video is going to reach its zenith in the future. We already have Snapchat stories, Instagram, videos on Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Why do so many people watch YouTube videos? One, – ‘’Monetization’’. And two, – ‘’Easy Way to Stand Out’’


Creating video content has become quite democratic these days. Everyone has means for storytelling by their high quality mobile phone camera.





What does it mean for you as an entrepreneur or Brands?


The social media website celebrities and influencers are going to get a great way to monetize their own content. This means you will have to get to them in a unique manner.


As an entrepreneur, you will have the ability as that of a big brand because the costs of shooting a video has come down drastically.



  1. Smart phone Games –


We have already seen the launch of instant games format by Facebook that is playable directly to the newsfeed. It means that your company can now make little HTML 5 mini-games (along with the previous flash games) and deliver them straight to social networking sites, social media and newsfeed.




  1. More Authentic Sites Will Dominate –


Right now, the up and coming sites, for instance startups, do have high-end production content, but they miss authenticity. In order to look like big corporate sites, they lose their originality.


People are soon going to realize that ‘’Brands are Boring’’ and they will use it to their own advantage. They will not just focus on making their websites super sleek and super cool but focus more on social things such as copyright free photos or royalty free music that is niche to them. This allows to reach audience more passionately in a way that big brands can never do.



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  1. Mobile Content in Demand –


Within the next few years, mobiles will cover a large chunk of businesses. The signs are already out there as for some companies it’s already their primary source of income while for others it’s going to be soon.


It would wrong for marketers to assume that people are gonna stick with desktops or laptops forever. Mobile has to be given greater attention. Your websites need to be re-done to suit mobiles. Take for instance the indigenously developed Sabakuch Social App, that combines personal, social and professional networking in one app.


Click Here to Access Sabakuch App on Android or iOS


  1. Influencer Marketing –


Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing method which focuses on influential people rather than the target market altogether. It identifies the individuals or influencers who can affect the buyers and marketing activities.


This inverted pyramid below shows 4 best level of influencers:



As a brand, most online social networking sites or companies will be deploying this method to connect with audiences through word-of-mouth power with personalities that consumers are well aware with and follow them.



So, what do you think of these online marketing predictions and what are your opinions regarding it? How can brands successfully rule social media besides these future trends? Do write back in the comments section.



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