DIY: Record Music at Home Like a Pro


It has become really easy and accessible today to record music at home with the help of modern computer technology. Not everyone needs Macbook Pro’s or Imax systems, as a decent PC is sufficient to do the job.


Just with the right kind of tools and a little practice can get you to record your own Mp3 songs and music at home.

If you are on a low budget and have an important recording to post your music online, then hiring a good studio is better. But if you want to record music at home without a mixing desk and a low budget then this blog is for you.


 So what all you need and what all you don’t? Here goes the list:


  1. Computer – These days, the basic models of computers are totally capable of recording the audio. Although the pros in the industry use Macs but it doesn’t matter if you have a PC. Just make sure you have sufficient memory, sufficient RAM, and you’ll be good to record latest movie songs or your original soundtracks.


(image credit:


  1. Interfaces and DAW – Now this is an important stage. You must question yourself about the interface, about what you intend to do with it. Do you just want to record vocals for Mp3 songs or do you want an entire drum set or guitars?


  • Interface: The equipment which connects to your computer. See the image below.




An audio interface with a lot of inputs is better. Get yourself a valve pre amp to record rich vocals and instrument like guitar.


Some audio interfaces come with a built-in pre amps. Look for a built in headphone amp too. This will give clear audio post music online.


  • DAW: or Digital Audio Workstation is basically the software on your PC that records, mixes and edits the audio files. Example: Apple Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, Presonus Studio One 3



  1. Microphones – Buy the best mics if you can. Don’t save money or don’t spend too much on interface but instead get really good mics. Some mics like the Audax drum microphones are for instruments or you can go for Shure SM7B. It will make your vocal recordings sound great.



(image credit: images-na.ssl)



  1. Monitors – Many people get confused with monitors to desktop monitors. Here we are talking about Speakers. The point in buying monitors is to avoid running the recording songs on your laptop speakers, since when you play songs, they won’t sound great on laptop speakers.

Image result for music monitors krk rokit

(image credit: Equipboard)

  • Don’t go for consumer speakers as they have some tweaks and enhancements done in them that won’t give you the true audio.
  • Instead buy Studio Monitors such as Yamaha HS8 or KRK Rokit 5 G3


  1. Avoid USB Microphones – These mics may be good for recording speeches but not for professional music albums.


  1. Avoid Reverbs – For those who don’t know, reverb means ‘’the sound has a surround effect. It is composed of a series of tightly spaced echoes’’. In a nutshell, its bad to have reverb while recording. To avoid it, try and record in isolation rooms. But chances are you might not have such rooms at home, so try and seek an isolated spot like small bedroom or closet. A big room will give you reverb sound.


So, there you have it. Ensuring these above listed things will be sufficient for you as a beginner with a low budget to record music at home like a pro and present your talent to the world. Remember, there is no magical software or program to make you good. It requires patience and practice to get good at this.



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