Is Podcasting the Ultimate Evolution of Your Beloved Radio?

Much has changed since Radio was first broadcasted in India in the year 1923. The nation, the technology, the lifestyle of people, all has undergone great change.A new term has been coined to describe audio broadcasts. The term comes from joining two words, ‘P.O.D.’, meaning ‘portable on demand’ and ‘broadcast’. Hence, the word, ‘’PODCAST’’.



Radio has undergone an evolution in terms of its use. Many people who used to tune their radio sets to hear radio programs or classical songs have now shifted to the internet sites that provide free bollywood music online.


What is Podcast and What Does It Do?

Now the first question that comes to mind is what exactly is a Podcast and how is it different than the Radio?

  • Podcasts are digital audio files in formats like mp3, wav, flac, etc and can be played on any digital music player including your computer and mobile phone.


  • Most of the podcasts follow a weekly episodic pattern. These could be about talk shows, movie reviews, weekly political satire shows, etc.


  • Unlike radio shows which are aired only once or twice, podcasts have an extended shelf life. Have a look at any of the best social networking website in India and you will find people sharing or uploading podcasts.


  • A great advantage of podcasts is that a user can listen to them anytime she/he want as these files can be digitally downloaded and saved on the computer


  • Podcasts can be used in individual capacity as well as for corporate purpose since the cost of producing a show is very less compared to a television program


Is Podcast Beyond Music?


  1. Impart Knowledge – Using podcast in the form of teaching material has enormous potential. Students can remember things better rather than just rote learning. Students can also make unique presentation for their class by making a podcast of their own


  1. Business Growth – It can give a solid voice to the overall brand, product or service and create awareness by audio content marketing. You can have your own weekly episodic series about your product and share it on social media just like blogs.


  1. Easy on the Pocket – Unlike Radio transmission done on AM or FM channels, which is very expensive, podcasts have a very small cost to run online. All you need is a mp3 sound recorder and internet connection to a podcast hosting website.


Among the growing social sites in India is Sabakuch. Besides providing royalty free images for wallpaper and e-learning, the site’s exclusive music portal carries mp3 songs and podcast listeners can also enjoy surfing the site for its wide range of genres.

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