This Social Networking Site is winning hearts. Find out why?


When you think of social networking sites online, you can come up with a few big global names. But, you’ll find it hard to recall any significant name from India. Perhaps, you didn’t know before that India too has produced a gem to be listed among the best social networking sites.


Known by the name ‘’, the site is a one-stop shop for everything related to online networking, communication, learning,and entertainment.


What’s so special?

You may ask this question while considering the choices you may have. Well, this list might help you think over to switch to Sabakuch –

  • It presents itself as an advanced platform which brings together micro blogging, social networking, and professional networking. This means that you can easily share your work or music or photos with your friends, family, and the professional world.
  • A trio format of O-Zone, My Zone and Biz-Zone allows you to connect socially, personally and professionally, putting Sabakuch in the list of best social networking sites



Full-On Entertainment


Experience music like never before! Far from the noise filled songs that look like clones, you’ll find original music on the music extension of Sabakuch, also known as ‘Sabakuch Music’.

  • From trending songs from worldwide to bollywood songs online, you will get to discover music which is absolutely royalty free.


  • Users of this site are actual composers and musicians who love to share their passion for singing with the rest of the world. They are free to record and upload their original content in true mp3 format. The listeners play their song and it allows the uploader to earn money.


  • Bollywood songs online from every decade of the Hindi film industry are covered by the Sabakuch users. This guarantees a long playlist of some excellent music numbers for you.



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