3 Ideas that have led to Amazing E-Learning Apps


Mobile apps are increasingly playing a vital role in all aspects of our lives including education and career. Innovation of some amazing e-learning apps might have made parents  unsure whether the learning process can happen through screen, but several companies have taken the process from e-learning sites to turn the addiction of students of their cell phones into a positive one.


Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen. – John Steinbeck


The innovation and ideas are the key behind any success. Take a look at some of the ideas that have led to new innovation in the field of some amazing e-learning apps. There hardly remains an excuse to not study when these amazing apps are just one touch away from your fingertips.



  1. Thinking Visually –


For most people, creativity strikes at odd times. When ideas are in front of us, we are better able to work on them and connect with them.

If you are a visual person and love to brain storm, then Bubbl.us is the right app for you. As a mind-mapping tool it turns your screen to brainstorming canvas. Lumosity is another great mental workout tool that focuses on your cognitive abilities. Scientists from over 40 countries have contributed to its Human Cognition project that helps students’ thinking.



Fig: Bubble.us

Fig: Lumosity app


Chemistry is another important thing that needs visual brainstorming. And if periodic table is what you find tough (or cool), then the Chemical Touch will guide you through chemical properties of elements, standard amino acids and nucleobases.


  1. Growing Socially –


The growth of social network has been aided with technology, globalization. The connections shape the way we question and predict the answers in say, an e-mock paper.

Learning is a social process. Things like collaboration and proximity among users has led to the innovation of two of India’s socially integrated apps, the Sabakuch E-Learning App and the Sabakuch E-Mock Paper App. The student can prepare for any mainstream exam and measure his/her ability for any competition.



Fig: Sabakuch E-Learning App


Fig: Sabakuch E-Mock App (right)


Knowledge is also a process of understanding by socially connecting. To promote interactive learning has been facilitated by mobile app makers. The app, VoiceThread captures voices. It turns textbooks and notes into voicethreads and helps in dynamic conversations around images, diagrams, images, etc.


  1. Organizing Digitally –


There is so much content out there on social networking sites india that it is very difficult to separate what is beneficial and what is not. Luckily, the brains behind online education sites and mobile apps have thought well enough and have paved way for ‘Curated Learning’where knowledge mediums can be ‘digitally organized’ and selected according to preference.

Among this category two apps standout as a fine example. The Curiosity App helps users to learn ‘’something new every day’’ by curating the site’s best learning practices and putting them to a Daily Curiosity Digest, that is a routine collection of videos on different subjects.



Fig: Curiosity App


Fig: Pinterest App


The second app here is Pinterest. A very familiar website, its mobile app is a great tool to organize resources and include socially relevant topics that are trending. The Digital Portfolio Board serves as a formal portfolio for students at the end of the year.



While mobile apps are essential for business as they help in reinforcing a brand, enhancing visibility, increasing accessibility, engage with users ‘on-the-go’, the e-learning apps are equally important like e-learning sites, or perhaps more due to the niche market they serve.


NOTE: the apps mentioned here are available from Google play store or iTunes or any other third-party software site. Links embedded above are for reference only


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/07/06/3-ideas-led-amazing-e-learning-apps/



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