3 Super Tips to Turn Stressful Day to a Good Evening


Is your job stress getting on your nerves? Do you feel helpless by pressures of work that just cannot get under control? And, is your work making your happy evenings with family members, a thing of the past?


Well this blog is neither some typical rant against the boss at office or co-workers that make you go crazy, nor it is some deep advice of ‘Master Yoda’ here:



But rather it is a collection of some little things that together can make a difference.

 So, sit back, relax, read and instead of suffering silently, follow these 3 steps and give your self-image a makeover and turn your stressful day to a good evening.






  • Develop the habit of telling yourself that ‘’I am not gonna take this stress to home’’. Upon reaching your workspace in the morning and before leaving in the evening, remind yourself of this.


  • Take some time off  when you feel like you are reaching your work or concentration limits. Go for a walk, or sit outside or just do nothing but recharge and rejuvenate. Pushing harder isn’t really a smart thing to do these days.


  • Unclutter your desk and fill it with positivity. Use small plants that bring peaceful vibes. Or put up photo frames or portrait of a divine figure’s picture. It could even be desktop wallpapers with good morning or good evening wallpaper, quotes or good evening wishes that instill a sense of peace in you.


sabakuch-good evening-wallpaper


2. Turnaround your Lifestyle 


  • The food that you eat has a relation with the level of stress you have at the office. Drink calming teas to soothe the body and detoxify it. Eat healthy food with lots of green vegetables and fruits as it helps to fight stress by giving your body anti-oxidants.


  • Treat yourself at home with a long leisurely bath with scented candles, or revisit a cherished book or set the atmosphere for a good evening. And if books are not your cup of tea then indulge in some music. Play up the new Bollywood songs or classical mp3 songsthat set your mood right.


  • Manage your time by managing your time. Begin your day by looking at good morning pictures and go back to your out-of-touch routine things, namely; exercise, yoga, reading newspaper. The advancement of technology and social networking sites has blurred the lines between working hours and private life. But try and mark your ‘’working hours’’ clearly, and stick to them.





  • Take today’s lessons as experiences for tomorrow. Some forethought, training and organization into your home, work and eating habits today can ensure that your tomorrow is relaxing.
  • Take out time at the end of the day to think of a better tomorrow. Make a to-do-list for the next day’s work today. This will help to organize your thoughts and keep your head light and streamline your work.
  • A good evening has a relation with a good morning. Health, emotional well-being of you and your loved ones are more important than work, so ‘know when to say no’ to crossing the boundary of work limit.


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Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/07/01/3-super-tips-to-turn-stressful-day-to-a-good-evening/


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