7 Best Father’s Day Songs To Add to Your Playlist


[The following blog post was originally written for Father’s Day (18th June, 2017) on Sabakuch.com/blog] –

Hope everyone had or is having (depending on which part of the world you are in), a great Father’s Day. In many cultures it is believed that paradise lies beneath the feet of a mother, but how can one not remember the other half of that paradise? Our Fathers!


From being our best friend, coach, mentor, and a role model, fathers are a most special gift to the children from God. It is therefore apt to cherish this father-child relationship.


And what better way than to dedicate some of the finest 7 songs ever written, composed and sung to love and remember the only man who we put all our trust and love in while growing up and who we call as ‘Dad’.



  1. Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega


Well, how can we not begin with this evergreen composition? Introduced in the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, the song Papa Kehte Hain became a huge sensation for every youngster and teenager in the 1980s and even today it trends on Indian social networking sites and in the jukebox of every party lover. Written by and sung by Udit Narayan this song really sums up all the aspirations, expectations and inspirations that a father has from his child.



  1. Tujhe Suraj Kahun Ya Chanda



Performed by the legendary Bollywood singer Manna Dey and written by Prem Dhawan, Tujhe Suraj Kahun Ya Chanda is a throwback to the old Bollywood songs that had a different style of composition than the latest music songs. This number covers the feelings of a father very well as he brings a new life to this world and promises to guide and protect the kid from everything.


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  1. Haanikaarak Bapu



A reflection of the ‘strict dad’ that we have to face while growing up, is what Haanikaarak Bapu is about. It’s also about a father being tough himself to make us tough so that we can face the world even without him. Sung in a playful and satirical tone by singers, Sarvarand Sartaj in the movie Dangal, this latest hindi film song gave these singers a shot to fame. Father’s blessings, we guess!!



  1. Tu Mera Dil, Tu Meri Jaan


Penned by the famous Urdu poet, Majrooh Sultanpuri and sung by the father son duo of Udit Narayan and Aditya Narayan, the song Tu Mera Dil, Tu Meri Jaan captured the audience’s hearts in the 1995 film, Akele Hum Akele Tum. With some very simple lyrics and soft music, this has over the years become one of the sweetest and popular mp3 free music



  1. Father and Son


Since it’s is a global event, so it makes sense to include some of the greatest hits from the world over about fathers. Entering at number 5 in this list is a truly majestic song by Cat Stevens, titled ‘Father and Son’. Perhaps the most popular track from his 1970 album, Tea for the Tillerman, the song gives goose bumps right from the first striking of the guitar chord. Written in a form of a conversation, this English song has a father trying to endorse tranquility, normalcy, and security while the son desires to go out and explore the world on his own.



  1. Father and Daughter



After a track about father and song, how can one leave out a track about Father and Daughter? Written by Paul Simon for the 2002 kids movie, The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Paul Simon made such a touching song that it was even nominated for an Oscar. Written as an ode to his own daughter, this mp3 song is filled with Simon’s hopes and wishes for her. Today, it is a perfect ode for all fathers and their daughters.



  1. My Father’s Eyes



Written and sung by Eric Clapton, My Father’s Eyes is a tune that can be played over and over again and still it would fill you with new emotions with its compelling lyrics. Released in 1998, it won the Grammy Award. The song is inspired by Clapton’s own life as he had never met his father who passed away in 1985. So by looking at his own son in the eyes, Clapton imagines his father’s eyes and yearns for the fatherly love. Simply beautiful!


There you have it! A collection of 7 wonderful soundtracks. Which other songs do you know of that serve as a perfect tribute for our Pops? Do share them in the comments section.


Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/06/19/7-best-fathers-day-songs-to-add-to-your-playlist/



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