Like Clicking Pictures? Try Stock Photography


Stock Photography is today a very crucial part of online marketing and advertising industry. Anytime you are surfing the web or reading magazines, newspapers, or blogs or brochures – the photos that you are glancing over are nothing but ‘’stock photographs’’.


Today, images are used as part of a promotional tool by everyone right from the big corporates to your local pharmacist. Now, if you are a shutterbug and like clicking pictures then stocks could just be the right thing for you.


Many people think that any photo that they see online or offline or simply knowing the term ‘royalty free stock photos’, is sufficient to know about today’s topic. That’s a big misconception and this blog will deal with that issue in just a moment. But before that, let’s carry on with the decoding.


Shooting a Stock


  • You do not need a college degree to try stock photography. Just procure a decent camera, have good observational skills, and some basic photography knowledge including rules of composition, and you are all set to go!
  • From a technical point of view, do not edit the photo in a manner which distracts from the subject. This includes not putting in lens flares, high contrasts, fancy angles or even too much lighting experiments.
  • Click pictures that have mass appeal or attract maximum buyers. The most money is in medical, education and lifestyle – it’s about the more natural things of life.


  • Make sure that your photos are different than the ones that already exist. And they should be shot in such a way that stock hosting websites take them from you.


  • Most stock websites provide certain guidelines that you should keep in mind including clicking a variety of photos without repetitions. The users of some free music online sites must already be familiar with some of these rules as they are alike for both.



Understand Licensing


Stock images are available to license in various ways but the two most common ways are depicted below:

Here’s the difference between the two:


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Not All Photography is Stock Photography!


As mentioned earlier, many people have a misunderstanding about the subject at hand. So, let’s clear that now.

You must have often seen those pictures on billboards or in newspapers that show a nice speedy racing car leaving a trail of dust behind or a model displaying a range of beauty products. The shooting of these products requires ‘brand specific images’, which are done by professional photographers either in a studio or outdoor location. They click pictures specifically for the product they are told about. Whereas stock photography can be done by anyone, anywhere for anything.

This is why stock photographs are sometimes also known as ‘GENERIC IMAGES’. They can be used by any company or individual.


An insurance company might use an image like this to advertise about home, car and family insurance


Similarly, an image showing a married couple could be used by a retailer to sell gift items



Hope this clears some doubt of your doubts about stock photos. Now, dive into the wonderful world of pictures by picking up your camera and go experience life.



  1. This may be by chance I have logged in to my WordPress account after long but got the right topic in my feeds because since I have left blogging I am and it was due to the fact that I as focusing on photography more. But more or less kind of ‘least informed’ about how to use/and earn with your photographs (at least how to start earning money and recognition). And your blog has included most part of that. So surely I am going to make a start in stock photography and a lots of gratitude for including this topic. Have a great day ahead.


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