Quick Guide: Career in Humanities after Class 12 in India

Most students and their parents wait for Class 10th result to select the stream of studies for Class 11 and 12th. If their marks are great, then they immediately want to jump upon science. If the marks are less than great, then they go for commerce. And God forbid, if the marks are low then they take up arts/humanities with a heavy heart.

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Did you also think of Arts/Humanities like this? Let’s hope not. And if you are still having doubts chatting with your peers on social networking websites, then please continue to pay attention.



Have a look at some of the great benefits of opting arts/humanities:


  • The best part about it is the freedom to study in college from a plethora of subjects. Being a student of arts gives you a lot of skills in communication that can be applied to a wide range of carriers.
  • Unlike a student of science whose primary goal is always set on either going to the medical field or engineering field, you can choose many career options and courses without many restrictions and even aim for a doctorate.
  • Humanities work as a connecting bridge for many students. In college, a number of students change their discipline of science or MBA and shift to humanities as they attempt to get the knowledge from both the sides.


The 8 most pursued career options for humanities in college are as follows:


  1. B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) – (Duration 3 years)

This course is divided into two aspects:

  1. Programme and b. Honours (Hons.)

This course deals with the study of social, economic and cultural studies, music and languages.In B.A. Programme, there are various combinations of subject that you can choose from such as; Economics, Psychology, History along with a language. The Delhi University along with others follows this pattern while honors include study of one subject in great detail.


Admission Criteria: Merit based admission to DU (University of Delhi) requires very good marks (minimum 80%) as the cut-offs are going higher each year. Entrance based admission can be done to private colleges such as Lovely Professional University, Sharda University, or you can do distance learning from home by IGNOU


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  1. Journalism and Mass Communication


This has become one of the fastest growing courses in the country. Specialized institutions like IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication) (Diploma courses) and JamiaMilliaIslamia(Bachelors and Masters) offer great facilities to pursue this field. You can find work in TV industry, writing content including lyrics for Bollywood new songs, film making, advertising and public relations companies or print, electronic and online media.


Admission Criteria: Entrance test with objective type questions and one theory paper is the most common format

Note: Being a hands-on practical course, it is advisable not to do this through distance learning.



  1. BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) (Duration 3 to 4 years)


It is a job oriented course that teaches students vital hospitality and hotel industry skills.Many people feel that BHM is all about cooking food. The reality is far from it. Important areas covered in this course include: nutrition and food science, housekeeping, management, food production, travel management, etc. A big advantage of doing BHM are the easy availability of jobs in the hotel business due to the expansion of tourism and food industry.


Admission Criteria: Selection to most government institutes are done with a common admission test. Some good institutes for it include the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, New Delhi and Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad.



  1. B.A. LLB (Bachelor of Law) – (Duration5 years)


The biggest benefit of doing law is that you become aware of the legalities involved in any kind of job that you will pursue. You can learn abut property laws, banking laws, constitutional laws, environmental laws and many others.


Admission Criteria: MCQ based exam is conducted by DU. Other government and private institutes for it include; School of Law (Bengaluru), Amity University (Noida), Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi)



  1. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) – (Duration 3 years)


There is a notion that BBA is only meant for commerce background students. That’s not true. In fact, anyone can take up BBA. As the name suggests you can get to learn about financial management, human resource management, business communication skills, accounting, etc. and get jobs in corporate houses, banks and business firms.
Admission Criteria: Admission is by merit or AIMA UGAT which is a national level test for admissions in BBA. Top colleges include Institute of Management & Technology, Sikkim Manipal University, Indian Institute of Finance, etc.



  1. Event Management – (Duration 3 years)


This job oriented course includes the study of event planning, business relations and laws, public relations, etc. Marketing and advertising firms hire students with great packages in this field.


Admission Criteria: Government colleges conduct an annual entrance test whereas   some private colleges grant direct admission based on merit. National Institute of Event Management (Mumbai), Amity Institute of Event Management, Noidaare amongthe top places for this.


  1. Graphic Design (Diploma: Duration 1-2 years) | (Degree: Duration 3-4 years)


It includes both diploma as well as degree courses. You can learn about digital painting, designing for websites and animation.  So, if you are artistic and creative and have strong oral, visual and written communication skills then this line is for you.Private colleges are a good option to choose this course as you get the latest equipment and get admission without an exam.


Admission Criteria:Graphic Designing courses offered in India includeB.A (Hons.) Graphic Design (Visual Communication, Interaction Design), Diploma in Graphic Designing, Web Designing and Animation. Entrance tests for this course include NID, CEED, AIEED

  1. Fashion Design (Duration 4 years)


Just like Graphic Design, if you have the skills and creative imagination then you can opt for B.Des (Bachelor of Design) which is an applied art course that offers complete knowledge of designing for fashion trends and lifestyle accessories. As one of the most lucrative and glamorous options, it offers opportunities to work in fashion industry, garment dealing export houses, TV/film costume design, government textile industry, etc.


Admission Criteria: This is an entrance based course. NIFT entrance exam is for the top notch government institute, NID exam for National Institute of Design, AIEED (All India Entrance Exam for Design).


Source : https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/06/05/quick-guide-career-in-humanities-after-class-12-in-india/


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