DIY: Trend on Social Sites with these 5 Phone Camera Tricks

Everyone wishes to take the internet by storm. With a smartphone camera in hand, everybody is a photographer these days. So how can you be the talking point on the best Indian social networking sites?

 You need to think:

  • What can you do that’s different than others and make your photos stand out on social media?

The following 5 DIY (Do-It-Yourself)tips and tricks will go a long way to help your pictures trend on social sites and keep your interest in photography fresh.


  1. Eliminate the Need for Tripod –

Sometimes while shooting a photo your fingers might tremble or you cannot afford to buy a mini tripod. In such circumstances, you can totally eliminate the need for a tripod and make use of binder clips to the job.



Binder clips are a handy stationery item to hold loose sheets of paper together. A couple of binder clips can be put on one side of the camera phone and then rested on a table. Its metal clip acts as the legs of the tripod and holds the phone steady. You can easily add a timer to the phone.Amazing, isn’t it?


  1. Tape the Lens –


A lot of times the phone camera gives a cloudy picture and no matter how you rub and clean the lens, the photo quality remains cloudy.

Well, the most common reason for it is that the lens has developed a crack. Now this crack can be extremely thin and not easily detectable.



So, here’s a trick…


Take a small piece of transparent cellophane tape and apply it on the top of the lens.


This will instantly fix lens flare issues apart from correcting the focus while removing blurriness in the photo. Thereby, improving the overall picture quality.


Piece of advice: make sure your fingers are clean before applying the tape


  1. Underwater Effect –


It is time now for a really cute trick.


If you’ve also got one of those latest camera phones, then you can experiment with some cool underwater pictures at your home or impress your colleagues at work by putting those snaps as HD desktop backgrounds.


  • Put your phone upside down in a glassand attach your earphones to the mobile.
  • Then put that into a transparent glass jug or a long flower vase filled with water.
  • Now you can use the plus and minus controls on your earphone cable to snap photos without touching the camera shutter button.


This trick will give your snaps the feeling of clicking it underwater without damaging your phone.



  1. Don’tZoom! –


All smartphones have a digital zoom feature in them these days and they even show it in ads.

Don’t use it. Like ever! Seriously.


Most of these phones do not have optical zoom. Digital zoom only crops your pic before you press the shutter. They also make the picture look grainy and less sharp.




So, what should be done?


Well, the best advice is to walk closer to your subject unless you have a tiger in front of you and you don’t wish to become his meal. Then, in that case, take the photo from where you are and then crop it afterward for more control.


  1. Use HDR Mode; Wisely –


Many phones are coming up with a HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode these days.


What does it do?


It takes a burst of three images very quickly at varying exposure levels and then blends it together with an in-built software to produce a ‘human-eye-effect’ or the way humans see it.


It does sound like a kick-ass feature but there is a catch.


Capturing three images means that if your subject is moving you might wind up with a lot of blurs. Turn HDR off when you are having trouble to keep the camera steady.


It will be very interesting to know which trick you found most interesting. Also, do write in the comments section below about which tips and hacks work best for you!

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