5 Best Ways to Launch A Product with Social Networking

Launching a product is very successful when sufficient planning is put in from the beginning and well before the product goes to market. Undoubtedly, the process behind the launch is complicated, but it feels extremely rewarding once it reaches out to the users.

The internet technology combined together with best social networking sites offers a free and fair platform for anyone looking to launch a product. This concept is fresh, innovative and different than traditional ways.


best social networking sites


So, here are five best ways that you can use on social networking to give your product launch a healthy start –


  1. Get Trending


Create and track the conversation on social media and have a healthy buzz surrounding your product campaign at least 4 months before its launch.


  • Hashtags are a simple example of this. They can help you connect with the stakeholders through social media and build your reputation.


  • Question answer forums such as Quora are helpful in building a positive image as well. Use it to answer topics related to your product and get some easy brownie points.


  1. Blog –

According to a Forbes report, the percentage of businesses with a blog expanded from 48% to 65% between 2009 to 2012. So, it’s very important to invest time and money on blogs. These days, blogs form the basis of social marketing and communications strategy.


They are useful in:

  • Giving your product a human touch
  • Promote product through professionally written articles
  • Defend the product against criticism



  1. Give A Visual Insight –


  • Marketers often believe that social networking sites are meant only for product-related announcements. However, these sites can be turned into a visual forum to display your product’s making and science behind it.


  • You can even develop a short video package of ‘behind the scenes’ about your company and upload it on social media. It can even show the cultural and regional qualities attached to the said product. These can reach regional audiences by using local culture or latest music songs that belong to them.


  1. Do Basic SEO


  • SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Track the traffic to your product site page. Setup tools like Google Analytics to monitor the traffic.


  • Track your service across all social networking sites with social monitoring tools such as How Sociable and Viralheat.


  1. Involve People
  • Use fresh concepts that involve those who follow your hashtags or ‘like’ you. You can use strategies like giving people free services for a certain period upon signing up or referring to a friend. Or you can give some select customers a reward for most referrals.
  • Remember to keep the interest of your potential customers alive by constantly announcing the benefits of your product on social sites.

If you guys know any other good strategies that weren’t mentioned above, then please share it in the comments section!

Source : https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/05/29/5-best-ways-to-launch-a-product-with-social-networking/


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