Mp3 Tips: How to Get Free Songs Quickly

How many times has this happened to you that a song comes to your mind that you immediately want to get offline and save on your desktop computer, mp3player or iPod? But later you either forget the name of the song or you don’t know where to look.


Well, this guide is for that annoying situation. It’s going to ease your mind and get all songs and mp3 free music in a convenient manner. So, without any delays, here are the 3 golden rules

Keyword is the Key-


  1. Type any keyword that you remember from the song that you heard even if you do not know it’s exact name. The search engine will show you close enough results to help you identify the mp3 song.


  1. Go to any online music site that offers all the latest songs. You can make an account on these sites and pay for the whole album or even a single song and download it as an mp3 file, provided there is a link given by that website.The file could also be in .m4a format if you use songs coded by Apple. But don’t worry,the song will still be the same.


Go for the Free Ones


  1. Some social networking websites in India have a music extension of themselves which offers royalty free music to the listeners. A huge advantage of this music is that you do not have to pay for it.


  1. Most of these sites have a similar look like the paid music sites with a search column to type in the name of the artist, or song, or album. You can even search according to the different categories under the ‘genre’ section.


  1. Once selected, these web portals either have the facility for the song to be played online or has some link to download it offline and save as a mp3 file.

Test the Sample


  1. It’s always best to play a sample of the song that you want on the website itself before downloading it. This would ensure that the file is 100% genuine


  1. Making music is a difficult job. Or for that matter any creative art such as wallpapers, royalty free stock photos, etc. involve a lot of effort. Always support the musicians by buying their songs

For all music updates and a great list of old and new songs in multiple languages, visit



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