English Made Easy with Five Foolproof Techniques

[ing-glish] – That’s how it’s pronounced, and [ENG-LISH] – that’s how it’s written

Your exam forms, hotel menus, or even mobile apps, have one thing in common. You guessed it right! They are all written and meant to be read in ‘’English’’!!


It’s the reality of the world that you live in, that even though your mother tongue is Hindi or Gujarati or Tamil, but you need to know English to communicate at school, college, with your office colleagues, and other several places.

You often search for ideas to speak English but are always let down by them. The following five techniques are a foolproof way of making sure that you learn and also understand the English language:


  1. Change your thinking language to English – For example, think in English when you hear a great song. It will improve your verbal communication a lot


  1. Study phrases and not individual words – Make a note of the phrase for which you don’t understand any particular word. A phrase is a sentence made of multiple words. Studying a difficult alone will make it difficult to remember. But, understanding that word in context will help you more


  1. Listen, don’t hear – The more you listen to English words, the better will be your pronunciation. Listening carefully will also make you familiar with different accents like British, American, etc


  1. Deep slow learning – Just knowing the words is not enough. They need to be put in your brain. Revise the lessons many times until you have the command over them.


  1. Listen and answer. Don’t listen and repeat – Either find a person to chat in English or get access to online interactive lessons to listen and answer quickly. Merely repeating will not help you remember.


Apart from these techniques, you can gain a complete experience by exploring a new addition to social networking sites in India, known as E-Learning. The benefit of this includes:


Audio Lessons

  • This will give you free audio tracks to listen and learn the language
  • It begins with the basics of sentence formation to help you get your sentences solid

Video Lessons

  • You can also watch the video and get the feeling of your own personal classroom
  • These help you with Tenses, Articles, and improve the sentence structure


E-Mock Papers

  • Free test papers to check your progress in any subject including English
  • Solved with answers so that you can know instant result of your improvement

Put these tricks and techniques into practice. And remember, patience and determination are the key to any success.  So, all the very best!

Get access to free English lectures and interactive lessons on Sabakuch E- learning today.

Source:- https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/05/09/english-made-easy-with-five-foolproof-techniques/



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