A Quick Guide to Sounds in Your Music Online

We all know that when early humans couldn’t talk, they used to draw and convey their messages. But, they used one more tool for their communication. This was the tool of sound. Throughout the evolution of human civilizations, sound has played a key role in communication.


Even today, we recognize different sounds for different purposes. For example, a sound that plays on your mobile phones lets you know that somebody is calling you, or a different sound on your computer lets you know that you have finished downloading images for wallpaper or some other updates.

What is it so important?

  • We have a ratio of 1:1000 between what we hear and what we see. This means that humans perceive and hear 1000 times more than they see
  • When we speak or play music there are certain vibrations in the air that travel as waves, these are called sound waves.
  • The difference between the loudest level of your hearing and the softest level of hearing is called as Dynamic Range

We all love to hear songs on music store online, and we all like to listen to different genres such as pop, rock, classical, rap or hip-hop, etc. This is not simply because we are great fans of all these genres, but there is some physics behind it.


Are Same Sounds Boring?

  • All sounds are composed of different frequencies. So are the mp3 songs that you listen. Your brain starts getting bored after listening to same frequency over and over again and it makes you switch to different frequencies in new songs
  • Even movies have special sound designing done to them as they have various frequencies for scenes which have drama or action or music in them. This is the very reason that you feel tired after coming out of a cinema hall

The sound is thoroughly connected to our ability of social contact. Any social networking site in India is full of many sounds of different wavelengths. They help us connect and share with the world and communicate in a new digital way.


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