Explore the Knowledge with Social Networking

Padhega Bharat, Badhega Bharat!

Our country is a gem full of so much potential and so many possibilities. Ever since the Liberalization of the economy, India has been on its way to being called the ‘Engine of Asia’; a country who will lead other countries of this massive continent.

But to achieve this goal, this nation needs a tool called ‘Education’, i.e. the ability to read and write. In this context, the internet has been playing a very major role. The availability of the internet on mobile phones and desktops has been instrumental in providing information to people both in rural and urban India. Today, some of the best social networking sites have transformed into a vehicle of knowledge.


Those who do not know how to write with a pen are also able to read and respond to the messages online.

This has led to 3 key developments:

  • Democratization of Education
  • Open and Fair Education
  • Freedom from Rote learning and ability to learn and interact


It is believed that humans learn more when they see and hear rather than just read. Every website is a combination of different media or multimedia.


For instance, a music store online will also have the same multimedia that an online job search site will have, although their shape and content may be different. Some social sites provide E-learning which has the following in it:

  • Video lessons for multiple subjects
  • Audio chapters to hear while on the move
  • Interactive clips for different classes

In India, Sabakuch.com is among those social networking sites that have taken up the responsibility to contribute to India’s growth in the education sector. Their e-learning platform matches the 3 key factors mentioned earlier. Now, India too shall learn and it too shall lead.



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