Towards a Free and Interactive World

You are the company you keep. This old saying has never been truer than it is today in the age of social media.  Be careful of who you connect with because a good company will bring you positive thoughts and energy while a negative company will bring negative vibes.


The presence of some of the best Indian social networking sites around has enabled everyone to find old and lost friends, connect with family members and showcase their talent to the world. However, while connecting with people, one often forgets the wrong kind. These could be the following –

  • Wrong Person


  • Wrong Website

Today, the internet is full of people who indulge in unethical behavior and very often make anybody argue and fight online, thus providing you with the most negative energy and thoughts. They may also provide illegal or copyrighted material which belongs to someone else. This leads to the next category, i.e. wrong website.

Many net surfers randomly fall into the trap of using a fake website for stuff such as:

nature 1 copy16feb

These false sites not only can harm your computer but also lead to copyright infringement.

The need of the hour is to have awareness about the right type of social networking; the type which is positive and also leads to nation building. can be regarded as one of the best Indian social networking sites which encourages its users to interact positively whether it is with friends, family or business professionals. It also eliminates the need to browse a false site for mp3 songs or high-resolution wallpaper by giving all these services in a 100% genuine manner


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